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MSL. See mean sea level.
MTR. See military training route.
Multi-function display (MFD). Small screen (CRT or LCD) in an aircraft that can be used to display information to the pilot in numerous configurable ways. Often an MFD will be used in concert with a Primary Flight Display.

MSL: Mean Sea Level. The average height of the world's oceans.
NDB: Non-Directional Beacon. A low frequency radio beacon that radiates it's signal in all directions.

MSL (Mean Sea Level)
The average height of the surface of the sea for all stafes of tide; used as a reference for elevations throughout the U.S
The rotational speed of the low-pressure compressor in a dual-spool gas turbine engine ...

Mean Sea Level. The average height of the surface of the sea from which elevations are referenced.
Nautical Mile
Distance of 6080 feet.

MSL (Mean Sea Level) Altitude expressed as feet above sea level, rather than above local terrain (AGL). To ignore varying terrain elevations, all navigational altitudes and barometric altimeters are based on height above mean sea level.

~ - Mean Sea Level. The average height of the surface of the sea for all stages of tide; used as a reference for elevations, and differentiated from AGL.

Mean sea level
Multi-mode radar (MMR).
A Multi-Mode Radar is used for Terrain Following (TF) and Terrain Avoidance (TA), Ground Mapping (GM) and Air-to Ground Ranging (AGR).

a. ~ Altitude- Altitude expressed in feet measured from mean sea level.
b. AGL Altitude- Altitude expressed in feet measured above ground level.

At 18,000' ~, You Have Half the Sea Level Air Pressure; Hence, Only Half the Oxygen.
We All React Differently to the Effects of Hypoxia. Only Physiological Training Can Safely "Break the Code" for You.

Mean Sea Level (~) →
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A microwave-based instrument approach system intended to replace ILS in the 1990s and claimed to offer a number of advantages such as the ability to fly segmented and curved precision approaches.
~: Mean Sea Level
MSN: Manufacturer Serial Number.

Master Plan Supplement MRA Minimum Reception Altitude MRC Monthly Recurring Charge MRM Maintenance Returned Monitoring MSA Minimum Safe Altitude MSAW Minimum Safe Altitude Warning MSD Multi-Site Damage MSDA Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS Microsoft Data Engine ~ ...

Current ~ altitude 8000'
Destination altitude 1000'
Difference is 7000'.

Mean Sea Level (~): An altitude indicated as feet above sea level.
Missed Approach: A flight procedure that redirects the aircraft along a predefined course when an approach to a runway is not feasible due to weather or other considerations.

Mean Sea Level (~) Altitude
Altitude expressed in feet measured from mean sea level.
Maneuvering Area ...

See also ~.
Amphibious Aircraft - a class of aircraft that can land both on land or water.
Ballistic Recovery System - A parachute attached to the airframe that, once deployed by the pilot, can lower the entire airframe to the ground.

above the airport elevation (charted in ~) surrounding those airports that have an operational control tower, are serviced by a radar approach control, and have a certain number IFR operations or passenger enplanements.

See also ~.
AIRMET : A weather advisory for conditions other than convective activity that may be hazardous to single-engine, other light aircraft or VFR pilots. The Airmet is issued for that conditions that are forecast to effect at least a 3000 square mile area.

Above Ground Level (AGL) A measurement of altitude above a specific land mass (also see ~).

~: ≡ altitude above mean sea level, 12.3
MV: ≡ momentum vector, 8.8
magnetic north, 14.2.2
magneto, 15.1.1, 21.3
maneuvering , 16
maneuvering speed: See under airspeed, 2.13.2
margin: See safety margin, 12
mark on the windshield, 11.5.2
maximum ...

We leveled at 2,000 feet ~ and powered back to 24 squared, about 75% power, and let the airspeed build up. It reached about 130 mph indicated at a 10.4 gph fuel burn. That's solid cruise performance for a STOL airplane, highlighting the wide operating envelope that has helped make it a success.

We were flying at about 7,000 ~ at this point. At the time, we estimated that the dust probably went up to 10,000 feet. We landed at Cochise at 11:30 for fuel, and were in the air again by 12:00. I didn't take any pictures because the wind was getting so bad I just wanted to get back into the air.

What will come as even more of a shock is your first enroute takeoff from an airport that's at 3,500 feet ~, which isn't even considered high by western standards.

The altimeter tells you your ~ (Mean Sea Level) altitude, your altitude above sea level, not AGL (Above Ground Level) altitude. The altimeter works by reading atmospheric pressure, which decreases as altitude increases and vice versa.

Elevation: Height of terrain above mean sea level. Abbreviated ~.
Elevators: Control surfaces at rear of horizontal tail (tailplane), controlling nose attitude of aircraft.
Endurance: Time (expressed in minutes) that an aircraft can theoretically remain in air before fuel is exhausted.

The AI in the figure is indicating level flight (nose and wings are level in relation to the horizon).
The altimeter (ALT) displays the altitude of the airplane above mean sea level (~) when properly adjusted to the current pressure setting.

Acronym for Above Ground Level. A normal altimeter reads Mean Sea Level (~), a more realistic altitude measurement over land is the AGL. Most military aircraft have a "radar-altimeter" to determine their height above ground level.
Aileron ...

(Q-Code) for Air Pressure in hPa calculated to ~
Quasi-Monopoly Government Organization ...

Most Class B airspace extends from the surface to 10,000 feet ~ with a circular diameter of 40 nautical miles.

An instrument which displays the altitude above mean sea level (~) of an aircraft.

Visual conditions prevailed. According to the CFI, upon reaching 3000 feet ~, the engine began to run rough and several loud noises were heard. The engine then lost all power, with zero oil pressure and rpm. Oil was visible on the windscreen.

"in the clouds" IMHO in my humble opinion LTA Lighter Than Air MEA Minimum Enroute Altitude (IFR) MOCA Minimum Obstacle Clearance Altitude (IFR) MP Manifold Pressure (usually refers to the gauge which is the primary indication of power output in aircraft with controllable-pitch props) ~ Mean Sea ...

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