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PAX - Passenger
PRESSURIZED AIRCRAFT - Compressed air in the aircraft where the oxygen level is maintained so that the passenger and crew can breath normally.
RUNWAY - A designated area or path where the aircraft takes off and lands.

PAX - (Passengers).
Piece System -The baggage allowance in numbers of item. The letters
2PC indicates the traveller can check in two cases of bags.
Pitch - The legroom on flights, the greater the pitch the greater the

Passenger (s)
Useful Load - (minus) Usable Fuel ...

An abbreviation of passengers
PMA Parts
Parts Manufacturer Approval Parts or PMA parts are manufactured or designed by companies that are not the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

PAX: Short for passenger(s). See also, SLF.
PIN: Personal Identification Number. Required by many frequent traveler programs to identify members and ensure that miles or points are properly credited.
PNR: Passenger Name Record. Used to record reservation and passenger information.

80-~. A closed tractor/trailer vehicle used to transport personnel.
ENGINE RUNNING ON/OFF-LOAD (ERO). The engine running on-load of aircraft is an expedient method of loading paratroopers for immediate take-off and subsequent drop on a nearby drop zone.

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