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QNH: The pressure 'reduced' to mean sea level, assuming ISA temperature profile from the station/airfield to MSL. An altimeter set to the airfield QNH reads the elevation of the airfield when on the ground.
pressure systems ...

QNH: Code expression designating altimeter setting in millibars - when set on subscale of aircraft's altimeter, instrument reads aircraft's height above mean sea level.
Radial: Bearing to or from VOR radio range.
Radio Compass: See ADF.

QNH- The barometric pressure as reported by a particular station.
QUADRANT- A quarter part of a circle, centered on a NAVAID, oriented clockwise from magnetic north as follows: NE quadrant 000-089, SE quadrant 090-179, SW quadrant 180-269, NW quadrant 270-359.

(Q-Code) for Air Pressure in hPa calculated to MSL
Quasi-Monopoly Government Organization ...

QNH 995 hectopascal.
No significant change
No significant change in weather expected.

~: altimeter setting to indicate height amsl.
RCC: Rescue Co-ordination Centre.
RPM: revolutions per minute.

~ Altimeter sub-scale setting to obtain elevation when on the ground and
indications of elevation when in the air
QTE True Bearing ...

~ Setting on the subscale of the altimeter so that the instrument shows elevation or altitude above sea level
QTE True great circle bearing to an aircraft from a station
R/T Radio Telephony ...

2 millibars (standard pressure) when the aircraft is at aerodrome elevation.
~: altitude above mean sea level based on local station pressure.
QTE: true line of position from a direction-finding station.
QUJ: true bearing ...

Temperature and ~
Has a direct effect on air density and thus climb performance. At any altitude where OAT is higher than standard ISA temperature climb performance will be reduced. If ~ is lower than ISA then aircraft climb performance is affected too.
Turbulence and maneuvering ...

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