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Reynolds Numbers
Early investigations into the theory of fluid dynamics have predicted a certain number of constants to which similar disturbances (and an airfoil in the air is a disturbance) produce similar effects - in hydrodynamics, ...

REYNOLDS NUMBER - In fluid mechanics, a number that indicates whether the flow of a fluid (liquid or gas) is absolutely steady (in streamlined, or laminar flow) or on the average steady with small, unsteady changes (in turbulent flow; ...

Reynolds Number: A non-dimensional ratio expressing conditions for similar motions in viscous fluids such as air. Comparisons of Reynolds Numbers permits comparison of wind tunnel results for small models with full-scale practice.

Reynolds number: definition, 18.3.2
radar advisories, 7, 16.2
radio, 14.7.2, 14.7.5, 16.2
raise the dead, 17.1.5
rate gyro / rate-of-turn needle, 17.1.3
rate gyro / rate-of-turn needle, 19.10.3
rate-of-turn gyro, 18.7
red arc: definition, 17.1.

The Reynolds number of wing sections is reduced, increasing parasite drag and reducing maximum lift capability.

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A model aircraft is a small unmanned type made to fly for fun, for static display, for aerodynamic research (cf Reynolds number) or for other purposes. A scale model is a replica of some larger design.
[edit] History ...

development of everything from the two-seat Legacy to the Columbia 300/350 (back when the companies were combined-the airplane is now known as the Cessna Corvalis). Cole is considered especially adept at designing airfoils with low Reynolds numbers ...

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