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Reynolds number

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Reynolds Numbers
Early investigations into the theory of fluid dynamics have predicted a certain number of constants to which similar disturbances (and an airfoil in the air is a disturbance) produce similar effects - in hydrodynamics, these are referred to as 'Froude Numbers" (hulls of boats); ...

REYNOLDS NUMBER - In fluid mechanics, a number that indicates whether the flow of a fluid (liquid or gas) is absolutely steady (in streamlined, or laminar flow) or on the average steady with small, unsteady changes (in turbulent flow; see turbulence).

The Reynolds number of wing sections is reduced, increasing parasite drag and reducing maximum lift capability.

Systems with Reynolds numbers greater than 10 or so are expected to create at least some turbulence. Airplanes operate at Reynolds numbers in the millions.

A model aircraft is a small unmanned type made to fly for fun, for static display, for aerodynamic research (cf Reynolds number) or for other purposes. A scale model is a replica of some larger design.
[edit] History
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The engineer has been working with Lancair on development of everything from the two-seat Legacy to the Columbia 300/350 (back when the companies were combined-the airplane is now known as the Cessna Corvalis). Cole is considered especially adept at designing airfoils with low ~s ...

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