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SMOH - since major overhaul. Term used in aircraft for sale advertisements where engine hours are quoted (see TBO). Also STOH, since top overhaul, TTSN, total time since new; TTAF/E, total time airframe/engine,
SMR - surface movement radar.

SMOH - "Since Major Overhaul," an acronym seen in reference to the operating hours, or time remaining, on an engine.

Since major overhaul.
Data that is the result of conditioning a signal with a simple filter; Compare: derived, estimated, filtered, measured, raw, selected; smoothing is us...

The absolute cheapest was a Bower's Fly Baby homebuilt at an asking price of $7900.
1980 Bowers Fly Baby, 705 TTAF, 705 SMOH,
65 hp Continental, metal prop, sliding canopy,
flies good, has heat, yellow. Lost Job. $7900.

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