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TAWS. See terrain awareness and warning system.
TCAS. See traffic alert collision avoidance system.
TCH. See threshold crossing height.

Terrain Awareness and Warning System
The movement of an airplane under its own power on the surface of an airport.

(Terrain Awareness and Warning System) An advanced type of GPWS that provides the flight crew earlier aural and visual warning of impending terrain, forward looking capability and continued operation in the landing configuration.

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Ground Proximity Warning Systems (GPWS) have been mandatory equipment on large transport aircraft for years and been instrumental in preventing some CFIT accidents. Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems (TAWS) have been developed with increased capabilities to replace GPWS.

For those worried about terrain, a Class-B ~ and detailed topographic maps are included-you pick the scale. Traffic information comes from TIS Mode-S data with provisions for future traffic avoidance technology (like ADS-B).

Terrain awareness and warning system (~)
Terrain inhibit switch
Terrain system ...

There are two notable systems which today are normally found in most commercial and military aircraft, the TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) and ~/EGPWS (Terrain Avoidance Warning System / Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System) which provide warnings and spoken (verbal) resolution ...

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