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TBO - time between overhauls, an engine manufacturer's recommended overhaul interval in hours, a rough and not guaranteed guide to life expectancy of an aero-engine before it will need overhaul.
TCA - Terminal Control Area (USA).

TBO: Time Between Overhauls.
TCAS: Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System.
Terminal: A building on an airport which links airside and landside, through which cargo being flown or received is stored, consolidations built up or broken down and/or cargo is transhipped ...

TBO Time between overhauls.
t/c ratio Ratio of the thickness (aerodynamic depth) of a wing or other surface to its chord, both measured at the same place parallel to the fore-and-aft axis.
TCAS Traffic-alert and collision-avoidance system.

Terminal Automation Modernization and Replacement TARS Terminal Automated Radar Service TAS True Air Speed TATCA Terminal Air Traffic Control Automation TAVT Terminal Airspace Visualization Tool TAWS Terrain Awareness and Warning System TBFM Time Based Flow Management TBO ...

The company moved the pilot's position from the left seat to the more-traditional right seat; installed a less-expensive, lower-powered engine with a higher TBO; and reduced the gross weight.

As an aside, engines are rated with a "TBO"- Time Before Overhaul. It varies from engine to engine but is usually around 2,000 hours for a General Aviation engine. That time is designated by the manufacturer and is tested with the engine running at full power for its rated life.

Most owners consider an upgrade when their engines reach TBO; in the jet market, that calculation is turned on its head. Resale value of the jet engine as a core is higher when the engine still has time left before TBO.

- High Time engine - With an engine that's within a couple hundred hours of TBO, an airplane is likely to be an orphan until the price is low enough.
- Un-popular type - Some airplanes just never made it in the popularity contest.

A routine 100-hour inspection on "The Yellow Max", my 1976 Cessna 150 revealed that the engine was at TBO, and needed to be either overhauled or replaced. After several calls, a rebuilt engine had been located and scheduled for installation at Wyndam, Connecticut.

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