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TMA - Terminal Control Area. An area of controlled airspace at the intersection of airways in the vicinity of control zones (CTRs) around major airports.
TO - take-off (sometimes TKOF).

TMA Terminal Control Area
T-VASIS T Visual Approach Slope Indicator System (pronounced TEE-VASIS)
U ...

Flight Restriction TH Threshold TIB Technical Instruction Book TIMS Telecommunications Information Management System TIPH Taxi Into Position and Hold TIPS Terminal Information Processing System TL Taxilane TM&O Telecommunications Management and Operations TMA ...

Some of the CTAS tools are: Traffic Management Advisor (TMA), passive Final Approach Spacing Tool (pFAST), Collaborative Arrival Planning (CAP), Direct-To (D2), En Route Descent Advisor (EDA) and Multi Center TMA.

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