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Trim Tab
Technology / Aviation / Trim Tab: A small, auxiliary control surface in the trailing edge of a wingform, adjustable mechanically or by hand, to counteract ('trim') aerodynamic forces on the main control surfaces.

Trim Use
Correct use of the trim requires that control pressures be applied to hold the desired flight attitude. Then the trim is adjusted to relieve present control pressures.

The trim speed increases almost as dramatically, as shown in figure 6.17. In a 60∘ bank, the airplane will want to maintain a speed that is roughly 141% of its wings-level trim speed.

Runaway Trim by Sean Ferguson
I had my first experience with an out of trim airplane in 1968, just a few days before my first solo. On a nice spring day I took off in a Piper Super Cub (PA18-150) to practice takeoffs and landings.

Trim Tab
A small auxiliary surface hinged on an airplane's control surfaces, used to bring it into balance or trim.

Trim. Adjusting the aerodynamic forces on the control surfaces so that the aircraft maintains the set attitude without any control input.
TWEB. See Transcribed Weather Broadcast.

To adjust an aircraft's trim tabs and thereby relieve the pressure required on the controls to keep the nose in the desired position
Speed for best angle of climb ...

TRIM TAB - A small, auxiliary control surface in the trailing edge of a wingform, adjustable mechanically or by hand, to counteract ("trim") aerodynamic forces on the main control surfaces.

Trim: The set or angle at which an aeroplane flies under given conditions.

Trim tab.
A secondary control surface, usually mounted to primary control surface such as aileron, elevator, rudder, or stabilizer, that controls the position of the primary control surface, and is controlled by the an operator or an autopilot; ...

Don't trim to neutral
Don't trim all the pressure out. Leave just a little in so any turbulence has less of a tendency to pitch the nose up and disturb your approach speed.

Trim Tabs:
A trim tab is a small, adjustable hinged surface on the trailing edge of the aileron, rudder, or elevator control surfaces. Trim tabs are labor saving devices that enable the pilot to release manual pressure on the primary controls.

Trim controls, which usually take the form of knobs or wheels and are used to adjust pitch, roll, or yaw trim.
A tiller, a small wheel or lever used to steer the aircraft on the ground (in conjunction with or instead of the rudder pedals).

Trim Tab - 1. A device that can fly an airplane better than the pilot. 2. Popular diet beverage for fat pilots (also see "Gross Weight"). 3. A soft drink popular among female pilots who like to wear skin-tight red jumpsuits.

5. Trim Lever :
Front only - Located in center of floor board between pilots knees. It is a bungee type, two position control.
6. Instruments:
Front only - ASI, Altimeter, Variometer, Bank Indicator.

To trim your windows to size, follow the instructions in the plans. After they are to size, peel some of the Spray Lat from the edges all the way around, approximately 2".

Pitch trim is controlled by an anti-servo tab affixed to the trailing edge of the stabilator. Pivot the stabilator by hand and watch the trim tab: It moves in the same direction as the trailing edge of the stabilator, only more so.

Check the trim tab and rudder hinges for any flutter (less is better), take a good look at rudder stops and rudder cables.

In standard trim, adequate for basic VFR, a Super Decathlon is priced at $146,900. This makes the top American Champion a reasonable trainer, especially in contrast to the two other dedicated trainers: the Liberty XL2 and the Diamond DA20 Eclipse.

I use a reference trim of 121 microadjustable notches (16 quick presses of up elevator starting from full down elevator--abbreviated 16qu).

If the "Design" or "Trim" mode is chosen, the following variables are displayed. The Weight of the kite is calculated based on the input geometry and the materials selected.

Ground adjustable trim tab
Ground effect
Ground proximity warning system (GPWS) ...

Failure to trim with anti-torque pedals
Pilots will either forget to push right pedal, or push too much, or even sometimes push the left pedal! ...

Nose-up trim will therefore be required.
You will need to cross-check the airspeed indicator (ASI) because you want to climb at a specific airspeed and because the ASI will provide an indirect indication of the pitch attitude.

The Citation Mustang has a manual trim system that backs up the electric trim. A recent trend in airplane design, however, is to eliminate manual backups to trim actuation.

In an autorotation, some degree of right pedal is required to maintain correct trim. When torque is not present, mast thrust bearing friction tends to turn the fuselage in the same direction as main rotor rotation.

Early models were a red color with silver trim until the new "Cub Yellow" was assigned. It is an interesting side note that C. G. Taylor was not impressed with Jamouneau's work and fired him. Later, William T.

There is another condition affecting flight, which is the aircraft's state of trim
or equilibrium (where the net sum of all forces equals zero).
Some aircraft can be trimmed by the pilot to fly 'hands off' for straight and ...

rudder as on the "V" tailed Beech Model 35), Elevons combining elevator and ailerons and Flailavators which control pitch & roll as well as flaps in wing trailing edge control surfaces. Other subsidiary controls are pitch, roll, and rudder trim ...

A horizontal stabilizer that can be pitched to trim the elevator. This surface movement can minimize the local angle of attack, so this form of tail surface is considered to be less susceptible to tail stall than a standard horizontal stabilizer.

glider, the Katydid, so named because of its insect-like appearance, and brought it to the test site. The craft had six pairs of wings, arranged on a central frame and pivoted so that the wings could adjust and bring the aircraft back into trim no ...

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Aviation  Tricycle undercarriage  Trim tab

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