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A vector is a magnetic heading given to an aircraft from air-traffic control (ATC) to be flown for a period of time or distance. It can be a magnetic compass heading or the numerical value of that heading.

A direction expressed in magnetic degrees by air-traffic control to an aircraft in order for the aircraft to fly in that direction. Vectors are sent to aircraft for airspace transitions, departures, approaches, and crash avoidances.

Vectors, Forces and Moments
Representing physical quantities by vectors A graphic representation of forces is a valuable tool in physics. Some explanations in aeronautics require the use of such representation.

Vectoring. Navigational guidance by assigning headings.
Venturi tube. A specially shaped tube attached to the outside of an aircraft to produce suction to allow proper operation of gyro instruments.

Vectors to final
Vertical speed mode
Very high frequency omnidirectional range (VOR) ...

Vector: A turn to a particular compass direction requested of an aircraft by Air Traffic Control, usually to direct it toward its destination.
VFR: Visual Flight Rules. The rules that apply when weather provides good visibility. The expression is sometimes used to refer to that weather.

Vector A direction and altitude assigned to an aircraft by air traffic control.

A heading provided by air traffic control to provide navigational guidance by radar.
Visual Flight Rules ...

Vector - Compass heading instructions issued by ATC in providing navigational guidance by radar.

Vectors and Not Talking
Think before you talk to reduce excess verbiage
You will know when to talk when you understand the system.
Good controllers know the limits of good pilot performance.
By telling the controller the specifics of your aircraft he can plan your vectors and approach.

A heading issued to an aircraft to provide navigational guidance by radar.
VFR Terminal Area Charts ...

With vectors to final the norm these days and not the exception, it's rare to perform the procedure turn. Yet, ATC may still expect it. When in doubt, ask.

thrust vectoring Rotation of a vehicle's thrust axis to control its trajectory or support its weight.
TIALD Thermal imaging and laser designation (pod).
tiltrotor Aircraft with fixed wing and rotors that tilt up for hovering and forward for fast flight.

Vector - Heading issued to an aircraft to provide guidance by radar
Victor - Reference to VHF Frequency Band
VFR - Visual Flight Rules
VHF - Very High Frequency
VOLMET - Aviation Weather broadcast
VOR - Very High Frequency Omni-Range ...

Vector diagram showing lift, weight and centripetal force acting on a fixed-wing aircraft during a banked turn.

A vector (such as force) has geometric extent in one dimension. The drawing of a vector has a certain length. This is in contrast to scalars, which have no geometric extent. They are zero-dimensional, and are drawn as points with no size.

No radar vectors, flying it "on our own".
With radar, from an IAF, Initial Approach Fix.
With radar, with vectors to the Outer Marker.

The force vectors are different in each region, because the rotational relative wind is slower near the blade root and increases continually toward the blade tip.

Let's say you're vectoring - turning - an aircraft so that it can establish on the ILS for an airport.

Diver Patrol: Aircraft in flight to be vectored to intercept V-1 unguided missiles.
Dogfight: Aerial battle between aircraft, aerial combat, melee, "scrap".
Doodlebug: Slang for German V-1 unguided missle
DP: Displaced Person(s) ...

The lift, drag, and weight forces that are acting on the kite during flight are displayed as vectors (arrows) with the lengths proportional to one another. You can change the length of all the force vectors by using the "Scale" slider at the bottom of the window.

Data that defines aircraft parameters, such as position, velocity, attitude; Some standard terms for state data include: Groundspeed vector, wind speed vector, true airspeed vector, true bearing, true track, ground track angle, relative bearing, sideslip angle, drift angle, true heading, ...

Because the lift vector generated by the wings is always perpendicular to the plane of the wings - i.e., straight up when you're level - when you bank left the vector points up and left. The left-pointing vector component drives the aircraft - or the bird - to the left.) ...

Since the two vectors are not located at the same point along the chord line, a twisting force is exerted about the center of pressure. Center of pressure also moves along the chord line when angle of attack changes, because the two vectors are separated.

If you feel that the separation for wake turbulence is not adequate, do request a different vector or more separation or even a different altitude. You can also take own responsibility and maintain own separation to keep clear. Be very careful if you do so.

Angle in vertical plane of earth speed vector and groundspeed vector (usual definition), earth-referenced flight path angle; angle in vertical plane o...
A special box used to hold and transport all equipment used at the flying field.

Approach Gate - An imaginary point used within ATC as a basis for vectoring aircraft to the final approach course.

MIX: Five Five Alpha to twenty-five hundred for vectors ILS nine left.
FBI: Four Two X-Ray, traffic twelve o'clock six miles south bound, five thousand three hundred unknown. [42X's traffic has not made contact with the tower, thus is "unknown."] ...

TERMINAL RADAR SERVICE AREA (TRSA) - Airspace surrounding designated airports wherein ATC provides radar vectoring, sequencing, and separation on a full-time basis for all IFR and participating VFR aircraft. Service provided at a TRSA is called Stage III Service.

Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON): A Federal Aviation Administration air traffic control facility providing radar separation and vectoring services to aircraft within the terminal airspace of medium and large hub airports.

Used in attitude controlled vehicles to support motor so it can be deflected to produce control vectored thrust. Also the support of a gyroscope in a stable platform or in a rate gyro.
Gaseous OXygen.

Otherwise, fumbling for a replacement fuse as you are being vectored to the final approach, or at night with a flashlight in your mouth, can lead to an awkward, if not fatal, situation.

If you use a separate postal address, it can be a New Zealand address or an overseas address, but be aware that Vector magazine is only sent to New Zealand postal addresses.

A crab is a maneuver used to eliminate the drift of an aircraft caused by wind. The pilot will offset the heading of the aircraft from the desired track by a calculated amount, and the aircraft's velocity combined with the wind through vector addition will give a net movement in the desired ...

The feeling of adrenaline ramming the excitement-gauge against the stops was almost tangible as I slammed the throttles forward and rolled into him. I pulled hard, putting his airplane on top of the canopy bow in front of me the same way I'd done a thousand times in my Pitts. Keep the lift vector ...

Microsoft Data Engine MSL Mean Sea Level MSN Message Switching Network MSR Monthly Status Report MTCS Modular Terminal Communications System MTD Moving Target Detection MTI Moving Target Indicator MTR Military Training Route MUX Multiplexor MVA Minimum Vectoring ...

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Aviation  VDP  Veering

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