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Wash-out filter.
A filter to smooth a transition due to change of input source, such as when changing modes; See Also: transient-free switch; ...

WASH-IN, WASH-OUT - A method of increasing lift by increasing (Wash-In) or decreasing (Wash-Out) the angle of incidence on the outer part of an airplane wing to counteract the effects of engine torque.

(The others, needless to say, are carrier landings, swimming, and leaving out expletives in polite company.) Air-to-air gunnery practice is one of the most intricate and diabolical evolutions in naval air, and is a popular wash-out point in the jet pipeline of the aviator training program.

The D.6 monoplane of 1910 was a pusher type high-wing monoplane which featured turned-down wingtips with pronounced wash-out.
Many of Dunne's ideas on stability remain valid, and he is known to have influenced later designers such as John K. Northrop (father of the B-2 spirit stealth bomber).

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