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Wash-out: A decrease of the angle of incidence of a wing towards the tips designed to delay tip stalling.
Water Lines: The lines of a flying-boat, such as keelson and chines, which determine its behaviour when water-borne.

Wash-out filter.
A filter to smooth a transition due to change of input source, such as when changing modes; See Also: transient-free switch; ...

WASH-IN, WASH-OUT - A method of increasing lift by increasing (Wash-In) or decreasing (Wash-Out) the angle of incidence on the outer part of an airplane wing to counteract the effects of engine torque.

The D.6 monoplane of 1910 was a pusher type high-wing monoplane which featured turned-down wingtips with pronounced wash-out.

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Aviation  Washout  Water tanks

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