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Blocking Foul
A Blocking foul is defined as contact which impedes the progress of movement of a player on offense, under the condition that, the player who is in danger of being called for a blocking foul does not have both feet on the ground, ...

Blocking Shots Can Lead To Foul Trouble And Other Defensive Problems.
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Blocking Fouls
The opposite of a charge is a blocking foul. Blocking fouls are typically called when a defender gets into position too late or does not give the offensive player sufficient room to complete the act of shooting before initiating ...

Blocking/ Charging Foul
This is THE most difficult call to make in basketball. A lot is left up for interpretation, and referees blow this call more than any other.

Blocking: Penalty on a defender for stepping in front of an offensive player to impede progress.
Carry over: Violation called when a player moves his hand under the ball and scoops it while dribbling.

This covers any sort of contact between two players where an opponent's movements are impeded.
Holding ...

Blocking - Physically impeding the progress of another player who is still moving.
Charging - When an offensive player runs into a defender who has established position.

Blocking - the use of a defender's body position to illegally prevent an opponent's advance; the opposite of charging.
Bonus free throw - when a team gets seven.
Boosters - alumni supporters of college teams.

Blocking - The use of a defender´s body position to prevent an opponent´s advance.
Blocks - The square markings six feet from the baseline on each side of the lane.

Blocking - A defensive player may not stand in the way of a dribbling player unless that defender has established a legal guarding stance.

Blocking: This is a kind of a foul that consists of contact that blocks an opponent's movement or progress.
Boards: This is just slang for rebounding.

Blocking - A type of personal foul that is issued when a defender uses their body to prevent the movement of an opponent.
Blocks - The square markings six feet from the baseline on each side of the lane.

[edit] Blocking
A block is performed when, after a shot is attempted, a defender attempts to alter the shot by touching the ball.

Blocking the shooting and passing lanes without fouling.
When making defensive assignments go somewhat on size; but not entirely. The tallest player on their team may be their most-clever player.

Blocking Out Drills
Getting Players to be Aggressive Rebounders
Miscellaneous (12) ...

Shot blocking is one of the great equalizers in basketball. If you know where to look, you can see it everywhere. Walt Frazier, of the New York Knicks of the 1960s and 70's, is considered one of the best defensive guards in NBA history.

Teaches blocking out and transition from offense to defense and defense to offense.
Instructions: ...

The shot-blocking rule was added.
The players uniforms have changed from really short shorts to like, almost pants.
Now you can dribble the ball ...

Blocking: Using the body to block an opponent.
Bonus Free-throw: Also called "one-on-one"; a free-throw awarded a team whose opponent exceeds the number of fouls allowed in a half.

Skills practiced: Blocking out
Players required: 8
4 offensive player line up outside the 3 point line and face the basket.
The players should be at least 5 ft apart.

- At least partly blocking his way towards the basketball hoop
- Put yourself close to the invisible track between him and the basketball.

Blocking - a defensive foul made by bodily interfering with the motion of an offensive player
-8. Blocking out - gaining position to rebound a shot attempt
-9. Bounce pass - a pass that contacts the floor on its way to a teammate

Blocking Out: a term used to designate a defensive player's position under the backboard which prevents an offensive player from achieving good rebounding position.
Charging: personal contact against the body of an opponent by a player with the ball.

This position is commonly called "blocking out" or "screening off" the boards.
As a shot is taken, the defensive player steps forward and pivots so that his rear and back make immediate contact with the assigned opponent.

Baseball catchers are presented with the difficult task of blocking pitches on a regular basis. Wild pitches and planned low pitches will hit the ground and catcher must block and contain the ball to prevent the runners from advancing.

D3 can cooperate by not blocking the pass at first, but then let them play live.
O1 can also cooperate at first by stopping at D3's trap and trying to make the good pass to O3.

Among the most common personal fouls are blocking, charging, elbowing, hacking, and holding. A player is disqualified from the game after committing six fouls in the National Basketball Association, five fouls at other levels of play.

This can be tripping, blocking, holding, pushing, charging, or stopping the progress of an opponent by extending the arm, hip, shoulder, knee, leg or so on.

A defensive player illegally blocking an opponents shot attempt when the balls' trajectory is downward, or within the parameters of the rims'cyclinder.
Half-time: ...

Center: Usually one of the tallest player on the team whose skills may include shot-blocking, rebounding and scoring.
Cylinder: The imaginary "cylindrical" space directly above the rim of the basket.

This may be advantageous if your post defender is much taller than the offensive player, and has a good chance of altering or blocking the post player's shot. But do not let the offensive player back you down under the basket.

Goal tending: A defensive player illegally blocking an opponents shot attempt when the balls' trajectory is downward, or within the parameters of the rims cylinder.

Block: (1) A violation in which a defender steps in front of a dribbler but is still moving when they collide. Also called a "blocking foul." (2) To tip or deflect a shooter's shot, altering its flight so the shot misses.

Focus on good team defense. Active hands and active feet. Communication and providing help when needed. Blocking out and rebounding. This will help a team greatly in tight games when they need to step up defensively.
basketball drills ...

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An Introduction Into Basketball Defense ...

This may involve anything from passing the ball to well-positioned players more often, or helping a teammate out by blocking or screening him or her from an opponent.

The idea is to get the defense to commit to jumping up and blocking the shot. As the defender comes back down, the shooter can go back up for an uncontested shot or draw a foul from a defender who is out of control.

Besides being used at tip off at the start of the game, a centre should be good at catching rebounds off the forwards offensively and helping the defence with techniques such as blocking any layups for example.

Blocking: a defender physically impeding the progress of an offensive player.
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Also called a "blocking foul." (2) To tip or deflect a shooter's shot, altering its flight so the shot misses. (3) The small painted square on the floor next to the basket just outside the lane.

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