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The Center Position (abbreviated as C, often referred to as the 5) is perhaps the most important Position on the floor.

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Basketball Centers are the tallest athletes on the team and typically the tallest athletes in the world. Centers can strike fear in opponents - and who wouldn't at more than 7' tall.
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Forward-center is a basketball position for players who play or have played both forward and center on a consistent basis.

Centers high at the corner of the bucket.
Forwards low wide in the corners of the court.
3 sets screen for 2 who moves to the right block.

How to Play Center Field
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The Centres (or Centers)
Centres are usually the tallest players on a Basketball team. Basketball Positions usually refer to a specific role that a player must stick to. Out of all the positions, the centre is the most variable.

Center - Plays underneath the basket. He or she is typically the tallest player on the team. The center's main tasks are to gain position under the hoop so as to best get "rebounds," take shots, and on defense block shots by opposing players. ...

Center: (1) The position in which a player, usually the tallest player on the team, stays near the basket. (2) The player who plays that position.
Center circle: The painted circle at midcourt used for the opening jump ball.

Center: n. A position in basketball, often played by the team's tallest player.

Center (Centre)
Usually the tallest and slowest players on the team. Their primary jobs are to get rebounds and score points when close the basket. They are rarely expected to dribble the ball much nor shoot from more than 15 feet away.

Center: one of the usual five positions in basketball. Designates the player closest to the net when in play.
Sixth man: player who is normally the first person to be substituted in for one of the five starters.

Center circle: The central circular area of a basketball court from which jump balls are taken.
Charging: An offensive foul violation which occurs when an offensive player runs into a stationary defender opponent.

Center Circle

The Center Circle is a 12 foot diameter circle located in the center of the court. It is used to start the game and other jump ball situations.

Center: Usually the tallest player. Position demands a lot of physical contact. On offense, receives ball and shoots close to the basket. Serves as the last line of defense, blocking opponents' shots and rebounding their misses.

Center - also called the €œpivot player; an offensive position typically played by a tall player who plays mainly in the key areas (at the post).
Center circle - the circular area at midcourt from which jump balls are taken.

Center- Usually the tallest player on a team.
Chase- Get on the opposing player's hip and tailgate through picks.
Cleared Side- Area on the court left open by a clearing action of players in that area.

Center: Usually one of the tallest player on the team whose skills may include shot-blocking, rebounding and scoring.
Cylinder: The imaginary "cylindrical" space directly above the rim of the basket.

Center - Often the tallest player on the team. Normally plays close to the basket and is responsible for getting rebounds and blocking shots.

Center Circle: This is a circle in the middle of the basketball court where the game starts with a jump ball. The Center Circle is 3.6 meters in diameter or about 12 feet. This is usually where a team will put its logo.

Center - This is a position that is usually played by the tallest player on the team. The center normally plays close to the basket and is responsible for getting rebounds and blocking shots.

The center jump
After each basket was made, a center-jump was held at mid-court… the other team didn’t automatically get possession. Dr. Naismith was very opposed to the rule change later that eliminated the center jump.

A player who is generally in the center of the offense, usually the tallest player on a team, who takes the tip-off and is usually stationed in a post position on offense.
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Center X4 stays on the vertical line of the ball as it is brought up the court.
As shown below, options out of the 52 half court press are:
- hedge (fake the trap) and recover
- run and jump switch (Jump) ...

center ((basketball) the person who plays center on a basketball team)
ball-hawking (used of a player skilled in stealing the ball or robbing a batter of a hit) ...

Note: Sometimes numbers mean alphabetical orders.
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Centerline Fast-Break
Sideline Fast-Break
Transition Offense
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CENTER OR #5 or C - Primary rebounder, shot blocker, takes shots close to the basket.

5 - Center
Wood Used On Basketball Courts
The preferred wood that basketball is played on is maple. There are also synthetic materials used in some general fitness applications.

1. The center boxes out his opponent and grabs the defensive rebound after the missed three.
2. The center scores on the rebound from the right wing's shot and puts his team ahead by one goal.

Nevada center JaVale McGee's "wingspan" was measured at 7'6" at the 2008 NBA Predraft Camp. McGee was selected 18th overall by the Washington Wizards.
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As the center you need to take balanced steps not to big and not to small as yuo need to be able to get there and jump as well, try not to foul.
Add an extra defender and slowly build up to rotating one side to the other.

Use the center circle on the basketball court and taking cones expand this the circle to make it larger. Adjust the size based upon the number of players you have in the drill. Everyone needs a ball.
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To counter the center in the middle of your 2-2-1, either match up as mentioned above or have your weak-side half court defender shade closer to that post.

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Basketball  Catch-and-Shoot  Center circle

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