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Double bonus

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Double bonus: In U.S. college basketball, when a team accumulates 10 or more fouls in a half, the other team is in the double bonus, earning two free throws on each subsequent non-shooting foul by the defense.

" See also double bonus and penalty. bounce pass A pass that bounces once before reaching the receiver. box-and-one A combination defense in which four defenders play zone in a box formation and the fifth defender guards one player man-to-man. box out See block out.

75 in the one on one; and only 1 point in the double bonus. Of course, the fouled player may make both shots, but the odds are against it.

If he misses the first free throw, you can gain possession and now you have the advantage. I would not attempt this if the opponent is in the double bonus, or if there is less than 10 seconds left... you may not have time to score after the free throws, should he make them.

    If the player is fouled while his/her team is in the bonus, where the other team has a certain amount of fouls, he/she gets a one-and-one where he/she gets one shot and only gets the second shot if he/she makes the first one.     If the player is in the double bonus, ...

In college, it's the 7th team foul per half that gets you into the bonus, but you will be shooting whats called a 1 and 1. This means that you must make the first one, to get a second. Once a team reaches 10 team fouls, you're in the ~, ...

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