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Basketball  Feint  Field goal

By Charlie Zegers
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[edit] FIBA rules
FIBA basketball rules have a similar foul called an unsportsmanlike foul, which is roughly equivalent to a flagrant type 1, with the addition that an unsportsmanlike foul can be called if a player fouls with no intention to play the ball, ...

FIBA competitions do not possess the same exceptions as the NBA, with no special weight being given to the final 2 minutes of a Period, and Overtime Periods being considered continuations of the final Period for Foul Accumulation purposes (i.e.

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~ is a French acronym which stands for 'Federation Internationale de Basketball Amateur'. In English, this is 'International Basketball Federation'.
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Actually ~ rules clearly state the ball has to be possessed in the front court and the clock has to be running. So this is a valid play to ~.
page 29 of the ~ rules manual.

team that won the 1994 ~ World Cup in Toronto, Canada; its members were Derrick Coleman, Joe Dumars, Tim Hardaway, Larry Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Shawn Kemp, Dan Majerle, Reggie Miller, Alonzo Mourning, Shaquille O'Neal, Mark Price, Steve Smith, Isiah Thomas and Dominique Wilkins.

In NBA, WNBA and ~ basketball games, a team has 24 seconds to a attempt a shot. Men's college basketball games have 35 seconds to attempt a shot, while women's college basketball games have 30 seconds.

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My favourite place to find them is the ~ YouTube channel. They post a ton of great clinics on their channel for free and I highly recommend you subscribe to it. Only problem is they're posted along with a ton of other videos you'll probably find irrelevant.

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Taurasi, Pondexter and Team USA land in Group B at ~ Worlds
3 years ago
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Comment: Ball now goes through the basket. Defensive basket interference and offensive goaltending rules still apply. However, ~ rules allow touching the ball by either team once it hits the rim.

The "drive and kick game" has become more and more prevalent with the change to the ~ shot clock and most players have the ability to break down an opponent off the dribble.

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