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Forward-center is a basketball position for players who play or have played both forward and center on a consistent basis.

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Basketball Forwards are the all-around players on the court. The best forwards like Charles Barkley, Scottie Pippen and Dominque Wilkins could do it all - pass, shoot and dribble.
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The Forwards
When it comes to basketball positions or the team roles the Forwards in a team are usually the tallest players except for the centre. They usually are around 6ft 9+ and are generally just called the two forwards.

Power Forward
The Power Forward Position (abbreviated as PF, also known as the 4) is generally occupied by a player who is bigger and stronger than the Small Forward.

Playname : Ball handling 2
Ball handling
Speed dribble: outlet position, speed dribble, elbow shot ...

Playname : Ball handling 3
To gain overview after a stopped penetration or a fast break.

Forward pivot
At the end of the V-cut, make a sharp forward pivot by pivoting on the baseline (right) foot, and face the passer and receive the pass in triple threat position.

Forward opposite the ball
Because he is playing his man loose, the forward opposite the ball has a more difficult time of blocking his assignment off the board.

Forward: n. A frontcourt position. Players at this position are either classified as a small forward or a power forward depending upon their specific areas of expertise, and often their size.
Foul: See "Personal Foul" and "Technical Foul" ...

Forwards - the two basketball players on the team that are responible for rebounding and scoring close up to the basket. They are usually taller than the guards.

Forward- A player who is usually tall and can shoot from the perimeter and rebound.
Free Throw- A 15-foot shot taken from the foul line.
Free-Throw Line- A line 15 feet from the basket behind which players shoot free throws.

Forwards: The 2 players of a team who are usually smaller than the center and bigger than the guards.
Foul: A violation. Often an illegal contact between two players.

Forward: One of the three standard player positions, forwards are primarily responsible for scoring and rebounding.

Forwards - Two players generally positioned closer to the basket than the guards. They often assume a floor position along the perimeters of the free-throw lane and maneuver both inside and outside.

An offensive position played to the sides of the basket near the key area and out toward the sideline along the baseline.

Forwards - the two players on the court for a team who are usually smaller than the center and bigger than the guards; often a team's highest scorers.
Foul - a violation resulting from illegal contact with an opposing player.

Forward: Forwards are players who handle the ball a lot, they play near the basket and need to be good shooters as well as good re-bounders.

Forwards - usually positioned by the side of the key (area which covers the free throw circle to the basket) and are good at passing and collecting rebounds.

Power forward
The power forward plays a strong physical game, specialising on the rebounds and defence.
They are also called a post player.

Power Forward
The next biggest player. They traditionally do not stray out and shoot long shots but play near the painted area and by the basket, trying for short-range shots and layups. Good power forwards are also very good at rebounding.

Power forward: one of the usual five positions in basketball. Generally a smaller player than the center, but the play is similar. However, they play facing the net, while the center plays with their back to the net.

Power forward: A position played by the larger of the forwards on the floor, usually a good scorer and rebounder. Also called the "4." (2) The player who plays that position.
Power layup: A two-footed layup.

Power forward: Tall player who relies on strength and toughness to control activity in the lane. Frequently rebounds, especially on defense.

Point Forward-- Anticipating someone's argument and attacking it before it's been made.
Point Guard-- Never letting go of your favorite assertion even if it's been disproved.
Power Forward-- Replacing logic with CAPS.

Small Forward:
Known primarily for their offense, the small forward is not necessarily smaller than the power forward.
Steal: ...

Power forward: The larger of a team's two forwards, whose duties generally involve rebounding as much as scoring.
Press: Guard very closely.

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Hi! I have been playing basketball since fourth grade, and just started ninth grade two days ago. So why am I writing this forward for my dad?

Forwards - Generally play along the court baselines on either side of the basket. Along with the center, they are the team's main rebounders. Offensively they shoot from both outside and in close to the hoop.

Forward Straddle
Start with feet together. On the first turn of the rope, jump with
feet apart so that your right foot is in front of your left. On the
second turn of the rope, jump so that your foot is in front of the ...

A forward.
The playing area for a game of basketball, which varies in size, depending on the level of play. College and National Basketball Association courts are 94 feet long by 50 feet wide.

The two players that make up your second line of the press are referred to as
forwards, but might be any combination of your personnel. They line up
initially 12-15 ft. behind the guards and 10-15 ft. apart. To these players, ...

Chest Forward.
This would be the opposite problem of the tip above. The player is leaning too far back and is putting too much weight on his heels which makes it difficult to stay balanced and explode in either direction.
Front Of Feet.

1. The forward pulls up for the quick 15-footer at the free throw line and sinks the jumper.
2. After the shooting foul, the forward goes to the free throw line to shoot his two free throws.
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