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Foul shot

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Foul shot: See free throw.
Foul trouble: (1) Player foul trouble occurs when a player accumulates three or four fouls and is in danger of fouling out. (2) Team foul trouble occurs when a team accumulates seven or more team fouls in a half and is "in the bonus." ...

Foul shot -A basket shot from the FREE-THROW LINE, rewarded to a player if he was fouled on a SHOT attempt or if the other team is in the penalty. Each foul shot that goes in is worth 1 point. One or two foul shots are rewarded for each foul unless the player was fouled on a 3-POINT attemt.

Foul shot:
See "Free-throw."
Free throw:
An unguarded shot taken from behind the free-throw line after a foul. If successful, the shot counts one point.

Foul shot - an unguarded shot taken from behind the free-throw line after a foul. If successful, the shot counts one point.

Foul Shot Tip-In Plays
Foul Shot Fast Breaks
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After a made ~ is a fourth time a fast break can be started. It is much like the previous paragraph; except, it is more advantageous since the players can be placed in strategic positions.
A fast break can also start from a fumbled ball, a bad pass, a loose ball, or a missed free-throw.

In basketball, free throws or ~s are unopposed attempts to score points from a restricted area on the court (the free throw line; informally known as the foul line or sometimes charity stripe), and are generally awarded after a foul on the shooter by the opposing team.

Free throw or ~: a penalty awarded to a player who is fouled while making a shot.
Hook shot: a shooting technique that is hard to block: the player faces the basket and shoots, with his/her hand far away from the target. This shooting technique is, however, less precise.

Very effective & can be run against a press off ~s. Inbound 4 player who will remain behind ball as safety, 1/2 players start at foul line and break to each side. 3 player starts at centre and 5 player back at your 3pt line. Ball to Gd 1 on say R/Side, Gd 2 to sprint floor down L.

Can a player come off the bench to shoot technical foul shots?
  Yes, but only in a very specialized instance. Only when a double technical is called and it is the second technical foul for one of the offenders.

Three laps is the starting number, but the player can reduce that number for each of the two ~s they made. So if they made both free throws they only have to run 1 lap. If they split the ~s they have 2 laps and if they missed both then 3 laps. Continue the drill for 5 repetitions.

When a player is shooting a ~, the remaining nine players on the court must stand in designated locations. They can stand in the blocks along the sides of the free-throw lane or back behind the free-throw shooter.

Each player shoots a ~ and for each shot made the team scores 1. For each shot missed their opponents score 2.
Run drill for a set time.
Play submitted by : Matthew Dunstan
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~s are worth 1 point on the scoreboard, field goals inside the three-point line=2 points and outside the three point boundary=3 points.
On defense, the objective is to stop the offensive team from scoring by taking the ball away, thus changing possession.

Assists can only be credited on made baskets -- ~s don't count.
Also Known As: There are a wide variety of slang terms for assist, including: dime, dish, helper and feed.
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Lane Violation - You cannot move into the lane looking to grab a rebound when a ~ is being taken until the ball actually hits the rim. If you do enter the lane too soon, it's called a lane violation and results in a turnover or the other team gets another free throw attempt.

Lane violation - When a player enters the lane before the ball actually hits the rim during a ~. If this occurs, a lane violation is called which results in a turnover or another free throw attempt for the other team.
Lay-up shot - A close-in shot made when moving to the basket.

Post players who can make 80% of their ~s are less likely to be strategically fouled in the post, and more likely to be more honestly defended to keep them off the foul line. This makes them more difficult to defend in the normal 1 on 1 low post confrontation.

Free throw: An uncontested shot from 15 feet, worth one point. A player who is fouled while in the act of shooting receives two free throws. Also: ~.
Frontcourt: A team's offensive half of the court. As it refers to players, a team's center and forwards.

Basic shots include the layup, the jump shot, the ~, and the hook shot. The layup is the easiest shot in basketball, taken directly under the basket. The dunk shot is a different style of layup in which the ball is slammed forcibly through the basket.

Lane Violation: Moving into the lane in an attempt to intercept a possible rebound on a ~ before the ball actually hits the rim.
Lay-up: Advancing close to the basket in an effort to bank a shot off the backboard.
Live Ball: A ball in play.

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