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Hand checking
When a defending player uses their hands on an opponent to slow their progress.
Holding ...

Hand Check - A personal foul where a defender intermittently or continuously uses one or both hands on an opposing player, usually the ball handler.
Hashmark - See the basketball glossary term "midcourt area marker".

Hand Check
To use one or both hands, intermittently or continuously, on an opposing player, especially the ball handler. A personal foul.
Hand-Checking ...

Hand Check: A defender fouls by touching the opposing ball handler with one or both hands too many times.
Held Ball: Two opposing players attempt but fail to possess the ball.

Q: Alright, could you break down the rules for me concerning hand checking or using a forearm in post defense in order to maintain your established area of the floor (as opposed to pushing the offensive player out)?

I Really like this drill and I like to add a hand check on Def. and a box out. If the Off. gets their own rebound then we do a unified team suicide at the end of the drill. Just to add a little compettitiveness and enthusiasm during practice. Thanx ...

Don't call your first hand checking foul with 2 minutes left in the game when both teams have been doing it all night.
Develop! Work on your craft the same way the players and coaches work on theirs. We watch film of our games to help us improve.

Illegal Use of Hands: Illegal hand contact. A judgment call on the referees part. Usually called hand checking.
In-bounding the Ball: See Throwing in the Ball.

Players who hand check or straighten up when playing defense.
Not talking on defense. Not talking during a screen on defense.
Letting yourself be screened.
Playing ole' defense - not stepping in front of dribbler ...

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Basketball  Half-time  Hand checking

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