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Hand check

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Hand checking
When a defending player uses their hands on an opponent to slow their progress.
Holding ...

Hand Check - A personal foul where a defender intermittently or continuously uses one or both hands on an opposing player, usually the ball handler.
Hashmark - See the basketball glossary term "midcourt area marker".

Hand Check
To use one or both hands, intermittently or continuously, on an opposing player, especially the ball handler. A personal foul.
Hand-Checking ...

Hand Check: A defender fouls by touching the opposing ball handler with one or both hands too many times.
Held Ball: Two opposing players attempt but fail to possess the ball.
Help Side: Otherwise known as "weak side"; the half of the court absent the ball.

I Really like this drill and I like to add a hand check on Def. and a box out. If the Off. gets their own rebound then we do a unified team suicide at the end of the drill. Just to add a little compettitiveness and enthusiasm during practice. Thanx ...

Illegal Use of Hands: Illegal hand contact. A judgment call on the referees part. Usually called ~ing.
In-bounding the Ball: See Throwing in the Ball.

Players who ~ or straighten up when playing defense.
Not talking on defense. Not talking during a screen on defense.
Letting yourself be screened.
Playing ole' defense - not stepping in front of dribbler
Escorting an opposing player dribbling the ball to the basket.

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