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The UCLA High Post Offense is an offensive strategy in basketball, developed by John Wooden, head coach at the University of California, Los Angeles.

High Post: The free throw area at "elbow" is called the high post. Mid Post: The area between the low and high post is the mid-post. Low Post: The low post is on the block at the edge of the key, even with the front of the rim.
Name: ...

1 passes to 5, cuts off the post, towards the basket. Can get the hand-off here.
If 5 does not hand off to 1, pivots to the basket and looks to 2 for the lay-up.
2 ...

High post entry.
Post has 2 on the wing, 4 flash cuts across the lane, or 3 for quick jumper.
2 ...

High post: The area around the free throw line.
Home run ball: When an inbounder or rebounder throws a long pass over the top of the defense.
Hook pass: See curl pass.

~- The area around and near the free-throw line.
Hook Shot- Offensive set shot during which the player turns his or her body sideways and arcs a ball in the air toward the basket. Usually done by a forward or center.
Inbounds Pass- Throwing the ball in play from out of bounds.

~ rules:
1. Move with the ball... always point toward the ball. Ball at point, be at the FT line. Ball on the wing, fill the hula hoop just below the ball-side elbow. Ball in the corner, cut down to the low block.
2. Look to score, or pass inside or opposite wing.
3. Offensive rebounding ...

~-- That thing you wrote when you were drunk or otherwise impaired. (Often leads to bad spacing, ineffective baby hooks, and really runs the shot clock down.) ...

~: The imaginary area at both sides of the free throw line.
Hoop: Name for the basket, the rim. Also used to say "Basketball".
Inside shooting: Shots taken near or under the basket.

An imaginary area outside either side of the foul lane at the elbow / free-throw line extended area.
The area within the baselines and sidelines of the court; also the act of bringing the ball into this area by means of a throw-in.

~ - An area of the court located near the free-throw line.
Holding - Using the hands to interfere with or limit an opponent's freedom of movement.

~: When an offensive player stands near the top of the key, he is said to be playing the ~.

~The area around the free throw line.
3-in the key -When a player on offence has 1 or 2 of his feet in KEY (or paint) for 3 seconds or more.
J ...

~: The area around the free throw circle.
Hook shot: A shot taken with a sweeping, hooking motion. May be taken stationary or while running.
Hoop: Basket or rim. Also slang for playing basketball.

An area in the frontcourt, near the free throw line, where the center is often positioned. See also double post; low post.
Holding ...

~: Pass and cut to the basket and post up - if you do not receive a pass right away clear to weak side block; constantly look to screen for guard with ball.
LOW POST: Move to ~ when ~ goes low.

~, Two-Three High
The ~ alignment is used when teams do not have a big post player or when the post player is a good outside shooter. It opens up the baseline for cuts and dribble penetrations.
Open, Spread, Donut ...

The ~ is side-fronted on the ball side. The medium post can either be side-fronted or completely fronted; therefore, unless his man is out on the perimeter, the pivot defense will still have his arm and part of his torso between his ball and the man.

Entry To ~
2 passes to 5.
x1 and x2 defend 5. The guards collapse and have active hands.

~: The area near the free-throw line.
Holding: Use of the hands to hinder an opponent's freedom of movement.
Hook Shot: While standing sideways in front of the basket, the hand farthest from the net tosses the ball above the head and toward the basket.

~: The area around the free throw line.
Hook shot: A one-handed shot taken with a sweeping, windmill motion.

Inbound: To pass the ball to a teammate on the court from out-of-bounds.
Inbounder: The player who inbounds the ball.

Basketball Defense Tip #2: ~ DEFENSE
The basic rule for guarding the ~(post player at the free throw line) is to deny the pass in from the side. This is a position where the defensive player is at the ball side of the post player, with the forward arm denying the pass into the post.

When the ball makes it into the ~ we're now in a very vulnerable position. If the offensive team have put a good passer in the ~ (a wise decision), every other offensive player on the floor is now only a short pass away and a threat for a quick catch-and-shoot.

Post Position - The area inside the key. The low post area refers to the blocks at the bottom of the lane. The ~ area refers to the area around the free throw line.

A Basketball Court is divided into two halves with several sections, including the center circle, free throw line/circle, the three point line, the elbows, the perimeter the key, the low post area, the ~ area and the charge circle (or restricted area).

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