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Isolation Play
By Charlie Zegers
Kobe Bryant #24 of the Los Angeles Lakers dribbles the ball against Manu Ginobili #20 of the San Antonio Spurs at AT&T Center on December 28, 2010 in San Antonio, Texas.

Offense 1-4
Playname : Post isolation
The point guard (1) initiates the play by dribbling to a side.

You want O2 to get the ball, and have a chance to beat the defender one on one. Run this simple isolation play. Essentially, you have three of your players move off to the left side of the court, resulting in a "clear-out" for O2 on the right side. Now you have several options.

Glenn Wilkes, President
Former Head Coach, Stetson University ...

Isolation play: An offensive play designed to have a specific player attack the basket 1-on-1. Also called "iso play."
Basketball Glossary H-I-J-K:
Basketball Terms J ...

Isolation- Term used to identify area outside three-point line where offensive player or players align themselves.
Jump Shot- An attempt from the floor to make a basket, usually from more than 5 feet from the basket.

Isolation: This is an offensive foul and it happens when the offense sits up with 3 or more players above the top of the circle on the side of the court away from the ball, i.e. the weak side.

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Intentional foul: A foul that occurs when a player makes illegal contact with an opposing player without intending to get the ball.
Isolation play: An offensive play designed to have a specific player attack the basket 1-on-1. Also called "iso play." ...

If you look at diagram 12 again, the isolation at B3 provides an opportunity for driving to the basket. The team must be aware that once a perimeter player drives inside, the pattern is broken and a reset will be necessary. That's OK.

The reason you see so many isolation plays in the NBA is that these players have extraordinary one on one skills. In today's NBA game, it's very difficult to stop somebody one on one. Also, they don't have enough time to pass the ball around and take their time to find an open shot.

Maybe they Circle Move correctly when the Dribble Penetration is in isolation, but fail when the Dribble Penetration occurs twice in a row, or when it happens from the Wing, or right after a Dribble At.

With the shot clock winding down we either have on balls or isolations wing or post.
Play submitted by : Andrew Solewicz
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" His observation that outfielders are routinely under-coached adds to the players' isolation. Yet, Wells correctly points out that outfielder defense is at least one-third of the old adage that pitching and good defense wins baseball games.

Try to maintain 12`-18` spacing and don`t get bunched up. The floor should be balanced (don`t have four guys on one side of the floor and only one on the other - unless it is an isolation play designed to take advantage of something in particular).

The smaller the muscles used, the more precise the action on the ball, so it is best to shoot with the wrist and arm in isolation, instead of using the whole body.

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