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Offense is a term used to describe the aspect of Basketball played when a team is in possession of the ball and is trying to score.

Offense Against Junk Defenses
Offense Tips Against Junk Defenses (Box-and-1 & Triangle-and-2)
Fast Break / Transition Offenses ...

Offense triangle
Playname : 1ntro - sideline continuity

Offense zone
Playname : 2:3 motion against zone pt1
This zone offense is a structured motion which is highly effective against odd front Zone defenses.

Playname : 2-3
set up in a 2-3 set
guards must pass before defense collaspes on them and puts pressure on them ...

Set Offenses

Though most teams would prefer to play the up-tempo, fast-break transition game that personifies today's basketball, the "Set Play" is the staple of the game.

Flex Offense - This pattern play basketball offense is simple to teach and offers us a second man-to-man offense for us to run if we need structure.

Zone Offense - Gap Penetration
Try to get some GAP PENETRATION. Dribble into a gap, dish to the basket or kick out to a shooter. Look to pass to where the defender comes from.

Early Offense - Continuity
The final step of "Early Offense" is the continuity of the quick push throughout the game until the end of the game.

Press Offense
Press offense is part of the larger topic "Transition Offense". Also, see "Attacking the Full-Court Press", which discusses important principles common to attacking any press defense.

Shuffle offense as an offensive strategy in basketball, developed in the early 1950s by Bruce Drake at the University of Oklahoma.

Offense #1
This offense starts out with your 1 man just off the top of the key towards the right side. 2 is on the left side wing outside the three point line at that free throw line extended position.

The offense is designed as an inside attack; however, when the defense adjusts, easy outside shots with good rebounding position becomes readily available.
The high percentage shot.
The opportunity to put the opponent into early foul trouble.

Motion Offense Principles:
1. Anytime you pass from the top position you cut to the small foul line and then screen the opposite wing man.

Princeton Offense
By Charlie Zegers
Pau Gasol shows off his championship ring.

1-3-1 Zone Offense
Cutting Strong Side Pass 1
Cutting Weak Side Pass 1
Cutting Weak Side Pass 2
Cutting Weak Side Pass 3
Strong Side Screen Away 1 ...

Better 1 On 1 Offense teaches you how to quickly read the defense, react immediately so you can use the most effective move possible to help you score.

Read & React Offense Diagnostics: Testing Layers 3 & 4
by Scott Ginn - 0 comments ...

Offense and Defense
Basketball is played at a quick tempo between two goals at opposite ends of the court.

Offense and Defense
Basic offensive skills are passing, ball handling, rebounding, and shooting. Passing the basketball is the fastest and often most efficient way of advancing the ball.

Offense is flashy, but defense wins youth basketball games. Make sure your basketball training contains plenty of defensive work with these tips.

Offense: The team with possession of the ball.
Offensive rebound: Rebound by a player of the team in possession of the ball.
Officials: The referees who rule the game, stop and start play, and impose penalties for violations and fouls.

The team that has possession of the basketball. Also, a structured pattern of play that a team uses while attempting to score.
Offensive rebound:
A rebound of a team's own missed shot.

Offense - The team with the ball.
Offensive Rebound - A rebound by a player on offense.
Officials - Also called referees, they're in charge of controlling the game.

Jot down the various sets and patterns. Also look for out of bounds plays, last second plays, set plays and special situation plays.
Offensive Questions ...

Flex Offense-- Trying to back up even your smallest points with at least six statistical references.
Pressure Defense-- Covering your weak point by calling everyone else ignorant and biased.

Zone offense: A team offense used against a zone defense.
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Offense - the team with possession of the basketball.
Personal foul - contact between basketball players that may result in injury or provide one team with an unfair advantage; players may not push, hold, trip, hack, elbow, ...

The offense run by a team after getting the ball into the frontcourt. There are many different half-court offenses, but they're all based on using player movement and ball movement designed to get an open shot.
Half-Court or Set Offense ...

1. The offense is called for a backcourt violation after the point guard dribbles the ball off his foot and he grabs the ball after it goes into the backcourt.

When the offense loses possession through its own fault by passing the ball out of bounds or committing a floor violation.
Assist to Turnover Ratio (A/T) ...

Basketball Offense:
Basketball's Weave Offense - A weave is simply a consecutive series of: (A) a dribble drive over a pick followed by a pass by the ball handler to a teammate, (B) the passer following the pass to set a pick for ...

Basketball Offense - Development through Knowledge & Understanding ...

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