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4 Pass Drill - Pennsylvania Uni Women
1 - rebounds and outlet to 2 and then runs the floor for a lay up
2 - passes to 3 down the sideline ...

This pass is great for players wanting to get the ball over smaller or close-marking opponents.
Be careful when using this pass because it is easy for a defender to protect the area directly above them and intercept the ball.

How to pass the basketball in the Opportunity Offense
Three basic basketball passes need to be practiced in order to properly execute this half-court basketball offense; however, in emergencies, ...

2 Ball Pass / 2 Man Shot Basketball Drill
This drill is from our Offseason Workout product coming out very soon.
Drill Purpose: ...

Pass from 1 to 2, 1 cuts with the help of
the screen set by by center 4 to the basket.
The moment 1 passes the freethrow line 3 takes the guard position.

bounce pass
1. This is a type of pass in basketball that must bounce at least once before it reaches its intended receiver.

If you have a team that can run well, you should investigate the Primary/Secondary Break: Pass Option Attack video tape authored by Jamie Angeli, Administrative Assistant to Steve Lavin at UCLA.

Whether it's a pass fake or a shot fake, it is up to the shooter to sell the fake in order to gain the advantage to drive the lane.
Good ball handling skills when receiving the pass, and when going on the dribble to beat the shadow player.

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Basketball Skill Development Drills - Shoot , pass, drive
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Pass to the Wing
See diagram B below. O1 passes to O2. X2 immediately sprints over and closes out on the ball (O2). O1 drops to defend the high post (free-throw line).

Pass & catch on the move
Lead to get open
Pivot (both feet, both pivots)
Non-dribble moves (ball & foot fakes)
On-side and crossover moves
Use of dribble to penetrate or create a pass
Post feed
Catch and shoot ...

Pass & Power Lay Up Basketball Drills --- *Draw-and-kick using a bounce pass in the power zone. Learn to finish the play in traffic. #Basketball drill starts with a player in four spots.

Pass On The Break
Passing the ball is always faster than dribbling. Always look to pass the ball up the floor first before deciding to take off with the dribble.
Shot Selection ...

Pass: n., v. To transfer the ball from one player to another, either at short or long distances.

The passing of the ball, either using a chest or bounce pass, to turn over possesion of the ball to a teammate.
Personal Foul: ...

Pass and Cut
Two lines: post players on the block and guards on the same side wing. Have post players take turns posting each other up.

Pass: To give the ball to a teammate.
Passer: The player who passes the ball to a teammate.
Period: Any quarter, half or overtime segment.

Pass and Shot
Shot and Dribble
Click here for basketball instructional videos to help improve players of all ages ...

Pass: When a player throws the ball to a teammate. Used to transfer possession of the ball from one player to another.

An intentional throw to a teammate.
The player who passes the ball to a teammate.

Pass-An action when a player throws or bounces the ball to a teammate.
Pick-An action where a stationary offensive player stops a defensive player from defending a player with the ball.

Pass: When one player throws the ball to another player.
Penalty Situation: Related to Over the Limit. This is when a team is out of fouls. If they can't foul anymore without the other team shooting free throws, it is a Penalty Situation.

Air pass: A pass that goes straight through the air to the receiver.
And one: The free throw awarded to a shooter who is fouled as they score.
Assist: A pass thrown to a player who immediately scores.

Push Pass - Used to pass through or past a defender who is guarding closely.
Basketball Glossary - Q ...

Entry Pass- An inbounds pass or a pass made to initiate the offense.
Fast Break- An offensive strategy in which a team advances the ball quickly up the court to score an easy basket.
Field Goal- A successful attempt at a shot.

Chest Pass - A two-handed pass thrown from the chest.
Chin the Ball - When a rebounder secures the ball, she should come down with elbows out and the ball protected under her chin.

Push pass - A pass used to pass through or past a defender who is guarding closely.
Q ...

Bounce pass - In this pass, the basketball bounces about two-thirds of the way from the passer to the receiver.
Carry the ball - similar to traveling. When a basketball player moves with the ball without properly dribbling it.

Bounce Pass - A pass made by skipping the ball off the court to a teammate.

Outlet pass - first pass of a defensive team after a rebound
Out-of-bounds - a player or the ball if they / it touch the floor outside the side or end lines ...

Bounce pass: A pass thrown by a player to a teammate that bounces on the floor.
Box out: Use your body to stay between an opponent and the basket and thus get into better position for a rebound.

Pass and screen away: Players pass to one side of the court and seek to screen for players on the opposite side of the court. The hope is to create spacing and driving lanes to basket.

When a passer throws the ball to a teammate; used to start plays, move the ball downcourt, keep it away from defenders and get it to a shooter.
Passer ...

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Basketball  Palming  Pass and Slide

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