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Possession Arrow
The Possession Arrow is used in all competitions except for the NBA to determine possession of the ball in certain situations.

Possession arrow:
Used to determine which team's turn it is to inbounds the ball to begin a period or in a held ball situation.
An offensive position played close to the basket along the key.

Possession Arrow
A sideline indicator at high school and college games that has a lighted arrow showing which team is next entitled to the ball under the alternate-possession rule.
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The alternating possession arrow rule went into effect in college basketball in 1981. Ever since, it has been controversial.

alternating-possession rule: in college, the possession arrow changes direction after each subsequent jump ball situation, alternating which team gets possession for the throw-in.

If you hold onto the ball too long, the opponents may tie you up, and depending on the possession arrow, all your hard work is for nothing. So immediately pivot away from the defenders toward the sideline and find a teammate to pass to.

The direction of the possession arrow indicates which team will take possession of the ball at the next jump ball or start of the next quarter.

Under the recently revised rule, the game resumes with a throw-in from out-of-bounds for one of the teams, as determined by the possession arrow (alternating possession rule).

This should be called when both players have hold of the ball but neither one of them can gain control. Then the referee will call for a jump ball or in college basketball the team that has the possession arrow.

In the event of a held ball, an official must determine which team retains possession. To do this, he/she will stop play and either call for a jump ball or refer to the possession arrow, depending on the rules of the league.

Why was I worried when I had a ref say "who's ball is it anyway " repeatedly while blankly staring at the possession arrow? And why did the other coach keep saying it was his ball, every time?? Coach T ...

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