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An official who keeps a running total of field goals, free throws, points, personal fouls, and technical fouls for each player and team. A player entering the game as a substitute must report to the scorer, who sounds a buzzer at the next dead ball to inform the referee.

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The scorer keeps a record of points scored, all fouls called against each player, time-outs charged to each team, notes the starting line-ups, and keeps a record of all substitutions.

The scorers' bench is often manned by parents, siblings, or other players who, not unlike you, are there to help the players. Treat them with respect and instruct your players to do the same. Ask politely for subs and time-outs.

High Scorer at the Inaugural NBA All-Star Game A crowd of 10,094 flocked to Boston Garden to watch 20 of the NBA's finest compete in the first All-Star Game. The East had little trouble taking it, 111-94, as "Easy Ed" Macauley of the Boston Celtics won the MVP trophy. Macauley not only sc… ...

Everyone day-dreams about being the top ~ or hitting the fall-away jumper to win the championship trophy for their team.

I looked at the ~s and they had an equally scrunched up face and were staring at each other, and then they started staring at Rob, with his too tight referee's shirt that was trying to hide his beer belly.

assist: the last pass to a teammate that leads directly to a field goal; the ~ must move immediately toward the basket for the passer to be credited with an assist; only 1 assist can be credited per field goal.

Some of the NBA's top ~s - Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony, for example - thrive in isolation. They also draw a ton of criticism for taking too many shots, being "ball stoppers" and not involving teammates in the offense enough.

This goes for all players, not just the top ~s who have the majority of the plays run for them. Pass catching readiness should be drilled into your team with as much vigor as transition defense or boxing out.

Many small forwards in professional basketball, however, are prolific ~s.

Everyone in basketball would like to be a good shooter and a high ~.

Player #2 should be a big, strong, tough offensive player, probably the best ~ among your bigger players. This person should be able to work well at the low post position using the body to seal-off the opponent.

No matter which player is you best player/~, they will eventually be open because by the end of the play, everyone has became an option at some point or the other.

Points/zero point possession: Used for individual players, points per zero point possession could be considered as a proxy for ~ decision making or a means to understand how efficiently a player manages scoring opportunities.

With this book, an official ~, reporter or fan keeps track of every batter's plate appearance and every play. The information placed in a scorebook leads to summaries of games and player performances and quantifies such player benchmarks as hits, strikeouts, walks, runs batted in and errors.

Adrian Dantley, one of the greatest ~s of all time, was also a lightning rod for criticism. He was known for arguing with his coaches, repeated disputes with his contracts and being a tough competitor. Read about Dantley's NBA career.
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Alex English ...

If a Small Forward is featured as one of the primary ~'s of a team, they are also required to be good Free Throw shooters to be successful, as there is a high risk of them being Fouled and sent to the Free Throw line due to the large amount of time the ball is in their hands for.

Whether you are a player, a ~, a spectator or of course an actual referee, knowing some of the signals will really help your game.
It might actually look like the referee is dancing at the local disco for some of the signals.

Officials: A Referee and an Umpire assisted by Table Officials (a Timekeeper, a ~, an Assistant ~ and a 24 second Operator).
One (1) point: A goal scored from a free throw.

ball to the team's best ~s.
Power forward:
Known primarily for their rebounding and defensive skills, they spend most of their time around the basket.

Comment: The referee has essentially been replaced by official ~s and timers. Out of bounds and goal decisions are made by the on court officials.
12. The time shall be two 15-minute halves, with five minutes' rest between.

Power forward: A position played by the larger of the forwards on the floor, usually a good ~ and rebounder. Also called the "4." (2) The player who plays that position.
Power layup: A two-footed layup.
Press: (1) See full-court press. (2) To engage in a full-court press.

In this Quick Hitting Offensive Set, we are trying to hit 3 of our primary ~s.
1 has the ball at the top.
2 is our best ~.

foul line and a line at center court on the sideline the center line passes to the foul player while the sideline player runs down to get the pass from him then he lays up and the foul gets the rebound.then the player that was at center moves to foul players position and foul player goes to ~es ...

Assist: A pass to a teammate that leads directly to a basket. The passer is credited with the assist only if the ~ must move immediately toward the basket and scores.
Ball handler: The player with the ball; usually the point guard at the start of a play.

"It doesn't matter who scores the points. It's who gets the ball to the ~" - Larry Bird
"Once you are labeled ‘the best' you want to stay up there, and you can't do it by loafing around" - Larry Bird ...

Point guard: Usually a teamís best ballhandler. He leads the offense and distributes the ball to the teamís best ~s.
Power forward: Known primarily for their rebounding and defensive skills, they spend most of their time around the basket.

Officials: These are the people who are in charge of the game. These people include: the shot clock operator, the ~, the time keeper and the referees.
One on One: When there are two players and they are playing against each other, one against the other.

The small forward is usually a strong ~ from both near the basket and at a distance. The power forward primarily concentrates on defense and rebounding. The center is usually the tallest player on the team, serving as the cornerstone of most play.

In a time now where fundamentals are slowly being forgotten and replaced with fancy show-boating moves, players need to remind themselves of the basic techniques of shooting lay-ups to make themselves better ~s.

other quarters are started by the team in accordance with the alternating possession rule (see more below). At the start of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters, the team next due possession in accordance with the alternating procedure, inbounds the ball from the centre line extended, opposite the ~s ...

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