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Basketball Conditioning Drills - 15 man scrimmage
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Scrimmages / Small Sided Games
Scrimmages and small-sided games are very important for every practice.

Scrimmage type drills
Go either 4-on-4 or 5-on-5 and make losers do push-ups. Make sure perimeter players are getting into triple-threat. They should execute the cuts and screens outlined above. You can set some rules.

Scrimmage - an unofficial game between two teams, or five-on-five play between team members in a practice situation.
Shooter - a player who takes a shot at the basket.
Shooter's roll - the ability to get even an inaccurate shot to bounce lightly off the rim and into the basket.

An unofficial game between two teams, or five-on-five play between team members in a practice situation.
Shot clock:
A clock that limits the time a team with the ball has to shoot it; 24 seconds in the NBA; in college, 35 seconds for men, 30 seconds for women.

Freeze ~
Kids love to ~ and coaches try to coach with drills. I would do freeze ~, I would blow the whistle and everyone was to freeze right where they are. I would explain who was out of position, missed a open person or someone was doing something right.

Steals ~
All FT, FG, and 3 pointers count as usual. Teams can also score with their defense, a "stop" earns one point, a tie-up earns two, and a clean steal earns three points. OR, only keep score from defensive plays, not offensive scoring.

~: On defense have Mike to tie up opposing center to slow down fast break. Give Chad and Bart more time at forward positions. Use first five against third five and second five against fourth five. (When not shooting free throws, players waiting their turn should watch and study the ~.

We ~d the 5th graders last night, got beat 38 to 4. But I played all the players and this was their first ever game/~.

Teams ~,the coach under the basket blows whistle,they drop the ball,and everyone sprints downcourt,except the point ,who runs over to the sideline and coach HANDS the ball to point and they try a fast break.

Controlled ~ -
Coach passes to O3. Defenders 1,2 and 3 must try to stop the break any way they can. O4 and O5's men (the X's) must touch the baseline before running back on defense to simulate a two step head start for the offense.
15 ...

basketball ~ drills, basketball team drills - 4v4 Round Robin is a game the kids love. This takes the place of an end of practice ~ or can be played on a free day. The 4v4 will give more space on the court allowing the players to be more creative and attacking in the offense.

  On a pass play, offensive lineman (center, guard, tackle) are not allowed to cross the line of ~ prior to a pass crossing the …line of ~. This infraction is called ineligible man down field.

Keep in mind that it is a drill, not a ~. A drill is designed to teach and refine certain parts of your players/team's play. Do not be afraid to stop action, make adjustments, and challenge individuals. Drilling is tough, but if done right, it should make your squad game-ready.

Don't play games or ~ in practice.
Learning not only follows repetition, it follows rapid or consecutive repetition. In games you do not achieve this type of practice because a player may only shoot, or dribble, or pass once every few minutes.

As soon as the clock starts, the "~ emphasis" changes to a "winning emphasis." For example, during the ~ portion you are working on half-court, man-to-man pressure defense; but once the clock starts, you change to a "game winning strategy.

It first came to use in 1954 in Syracuse, New York, where Danny Biasone, the owner of the NBA's Syracuse Nationals, experimented using a 24-second version during a ~ game.

On the first day, coaches will introduce the players to what is ahead of them - they will then teach some plays, evaluate some strengths and weaknesses and begin to run 5x5 ~s.

1. This refers to when the offensive team lines up along the line of ~ with their place kicking unit and kicks the ball through the goal posts in the opposition's end zone. A field goal in football is worth three points.
Examples ...

Several big programs began staging a big public practice -- usually punctuated with a slam dunk contest, a ~ and lots of cheerleaders and dancers and loud music -- at the earliest possible time permitted by the NCAA -- 12am on the Saturday closest to October 15th -- and "Midnight Madness" ...

Develop the drill:
Run into your fast break and use as controlled ~ working on transition.
Shot and box-out.

Throughout your team's Read & React training, you'll need to run diagnostic tests. You can do this in ~ situations, in game situations, or as a final progression to a drill.

How much practice time a coach spends on drills will depend on the amount of work the infielders need. Some coaches devote half of a practice to drills, then they let the team play a ~ game for the remainder of the session.

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