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Three-second rule

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Three-second rule - a player is not allowed to stay in the opponents area of court between the end line and the free throw line while that player's own team has the ball.

Three-Second Rule - No offensive player can be in the free-throw lane for longer than 3 seconds at a time.
Throw-in - Inbounding the ball.
Timeout - When play is temporarily suspended by an official or at the request of a team to discuss strategy or respond to an injured player.

Three-second rule - The rule that states that no offensive player can be in the free-throw lane for longer than three seconds at a time.
Throw-in - The act of inbounding the ball.

Three-Second Rule
The rule that an offensive player can spend no more than three consecutive seconds within the free throw lane. Having any part of either foot on or inside the line is considered being in the lane.
Three-Second Violation ...

Section VIII-Defensive Three-Second Rule
a. The count starts when the offensive team is in control of the ball in the front-court.

Right and left-handed hooks: A close-in back-to-the-basket hook shot is almost impossible to block. Because of the ~, however, speed in getting the shot away is essential.

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