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The wing is located at the intersection of the three point line and where the free throw line extended would meet it.
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Wing 1 on 1
Drill Purpose
The purpose of this fun drill is to improve one on one offense and reading the defender to make the appropriate move.

1 offsets to either wing.
After passing, cuts ball side of 5 who sets a pick. Then cuts to basket.

The wing player must wait for the screen to be set before using it.
Depending of the defense & screener, the wing player can go either side of the screen for the easy back door cut.
3 ...

Wing-to-Wing Motion
(Diagram A)-- The shooter starts at the right wing with a ball, the passer at the free-throw line with another ball, and the rebounder in the center of the lane.

Wing Bounce Drill - Corner Circle, Post Up
1 starts on the wing, attacks North-South, then bounces out to the Escape Hatch in the corner.
2 Circle Moves to the basket.
x2 helps on the drive before recovering to 2.

Wing Option
DIAGRAM QH6: In this illustration defender 4 is in foul trouble. #1 sees that #4 is being fronted and #2 has worked himself free for the pass. As the ball is passed to #2, #4 rolls to the basket calling for the pass from #2.

Wing: (1) The area on the court where the 3-point arc meets the free throw line extended. (2) The offensive player who plays in that area.
Basketball Glossary T-Z:
Basketball Terms Z ...

Wing- Area to the side of the offensive setup, usually the free-throw line toward the sideline.

Wing: n. The area of the court immediately to the left and right of the foul line. Also known as the "foul line extended." ...

Wing Position - Offensive position located 6-8 feet on either side of the free throw line.
Basketball Terms: 'Z' ...

The wing area is located on the side of the court near the free throw line extended. Wing areas are designated "Ballside" or Weakside" according to the location of the player with the ball.

Wing passes to baseline
When the wing passes to the baseline (4), the player on the weak side block (2) back screens for the post (5) and we look for the lob to the post.

wing attack is a favorite too.
You must keep constant pressure on the wing player with the ball,here the red 3 drives and looks for the red 4 down the lane for a easy pass,but the blue 2 pressures the red 3,and stops the pass to the red 4.

The three wing players swing the ball around the three point arc.
As the ball swings the onside baseline player slides along the baseline outside while the backside post player flashes to the top of the key.

2. Anytime a wing man passes to the post he cuts the middle and replaces the opposite wing. The point and opposite wing replace accordingly.

Cutting off the Screen
1) Wing Cut
Drive your defender into the screen and then make a hard cut to the perimeter.
2) Fade Cut ...

Weak side: See help side.
Wing: (1) The area on the court where the 3-point arc meets the free throw line extended. (2) The offensive player who plays in that area.

What does the wing do?
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If the strong-side wing-to-guard pass is not possible, the third option is for the weak-side forward to flash to the strong-side elbow, take the pass, and cut to the basket on the trademark backdoor play of the offense.

Forward - an offensive position played on the wing or close to the baseline
-20. Foul - illegal physical contact
-21. Free throw - an unguarded shot attempt made from a line 15 feet in front of the basket

Place your best rebounder in the middle, your better defenders on the wing spots.

How do they defend the wing entry pass? Do they pressure the wing pass or let you have it?
L. How do they react to post feeds? Do they collapse, play half way off their man, or do nothing?

The full court basketball drill starts with the middle line passing the ball (outlet) to the right wing. The passer the runs behind the right wing and fills the outside lane up the floor.

Sometimes I have them pass four times before shooting, I use two man games, for example: the baseline guy will come up and screens, then the wing guys cuts to the basket, ...

To enter the ball to the wing, the passer and reciever should ensure a proper passing angle. The passer from the guard spot should attempt to get to, what we call, the "Entry Line".

2. The center scores on the rebound from the right wing's shot and puts his team ahead by one goal.
3. The goalie makes the initial save, but the attacker is right there to kick the rebound into the goal immediately.
Sports The Term Is Used ...

--Players set as in the top-to-corner option. Coach sets on the opposite wing with two balls.
--Coach passes the ball to the high post. Defender knocks the ball away.

Back door -Right after a player PASSES to a team-mate in the HIGH POST and draws defenders, an open team-mate on the wing comes to the open side (the back door) to catch the PASS and attempt a SHOT.

You pass to the left or right wing just as another guard comes up and sets a pick for you -- you then "roll" to the basket to get the pass for a lay-up or open shot. The Utah Jazz use this one a lot.

You want repeatability in your shot, take every shot the same way. Take as many shots as you can. First take them all in a row, 50 from the corner, 50 from the wing, etc.

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Basketball  Wheel Offense  WNBA

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