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Keratinization: The process by which the epidermis forms its outer protective layer, the stratum corneum; conversion into keratin or keratinous tissue.

Keratosis pilaris is a result of a process called hyperkeratinization. This is when there is an excess production of keratin (a natural fibrous protein of the skin, hair and nails) that builds up around the hair follicles.

A drug named " adapalene " does wonder in reducing the blackhead formation by stimulation of skin growth through modulation of cellular differentiation and keratinization of follicular epithelial cells, i.e. it encourages skin peeling.

Histopathology is characteristic. It consists of a crater filled with keratinous material, epithelial hyperplasia with marked keratinization (keratinous pearls) and dense inflammatory infiltrate.
Treatment of Keratoderma and Keratoacanthomas ...

An exfoliating ingredient that is often used in washes, creams or peels to combat acne because of its ability to maintain the keratinization cycle of skin cells and prevent pores from plugging up.
Scars ...

Abnormal shedding of the cells lining the follicle, abnormal cell binding ("hyperkeratinization") within the follicle, ...

As skin cells die in the natural process of keratinization, this balance is upset, and need to be restored in order to regenerate. If the phospholipids-cholesterol balance is not restored, new cells will not regenerate or will regenerate more slowly.

Normalizes keratinization, prevents the exfoliated keratinocytes from sticking together, thus helping to eradicate existing comedones and preventing the formation of new ones.

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Beauty  Keratin  Keratinocyte

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