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Occlusive . Occlusive means Impenetrable. Usually refers to an occlusive shield or film that is spread onto the skin to slow or prevent moisture evaporation.

Substances which provide a protective lipid layer to the skin, occlusives help reduce water loss and maintain skin hydration.
Panthenol ...

Occlusives: Ingredients that slow down the evaporation of water from the skin, and appear in moisturizers, including: beeswax, caprylic/capric triglycerides, cyclomethicone, hydrogenated castor oil, mineral oil, lanolin, petroleum, petrolatum, ...

O Occlusives Oxybenzone
P Panthenol Parabens Peptides Petrolatum Phloretin Phthalates Pomegranate
R Restylane Resveratrol Retin-A Retinoids Retinol ...

Also called non-occlusive. Refers to products that do not cause skin breakouts because they do not plug the pores of the skin.
Para-aminobenzoic acid. Found in the vitamin B complex. Used as an ingredient in some sunscreen products.

Occlusion: Lanolin was the first substance to be used in an occlusive system. Its use as a barrier has been known for thousands of years.

Occlusives, which are substances that physically block water loss in the stratum corneum, or layers of the skin, include: Petrolatum (in a minimum concentration of five per cent is the most effective occlusive), followed by lanolin, mineral oil, ...

Most moisturizers are built around ingredients that are occlusives, which prevent water evaporation from the skin, and humectants, which have a softening, smoothing effect on the epidermis.

Look for an equal amount of occlusives, like mineral oil and beeswax, which increase the water content of the skin by slowing the evaporation of water from its surface, and humectants, such as glycerin and urea, ...

First, you want to pick a lotion that has both humectant and occlusive properties. Humectants include common ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids, glycerin, and urea.

"Acne is also triggered by wearing athletic gear like helmets and occlusive clothing which trap in moisture and promote bacterial overgrowth," says Dr. Rodan. Ok, so that means pack extra clothes and be prepared to cleanse pronto.

Effectively the same as wrapping your face in cling film, these occlusive ingredients coat the skin to lock in moisture (and pretty much everything else).

Function: Conditioning
Description: used as a Skin-Conditioning Agent - Occlusive; also used as a Fragrance Ingredient
Capryloyl Glycine
Function: Preservative
Description: also used as a Hair Conditioning Agent & Surfactant - Cleansing Agent ...

High levels of glycerin (a hydration booster) trap moisture, while occlusive ingredients form an effective barrier to lock it in for hours.
Reviewed by Kim Parker
Hand Age Defying Q10 Plus Hand Cream by Nivea ...

Made from cetyl and stearyl alcohol's which together form an occlusive film to keep skin moisture from evaporating. They give hair and skin a velvety feeling.
Cetyl Alcohol ...

To fend off dry, itchy skin, use one with a rich mix of humectants (like glycerin) and occlusives (like petrolatum) twice a day.
Save this checklist! ...

Sodium hyaluronate
Derived from vegetable; humectant, regulates the level of hydration of skin. It forms a moisturizing, non occlusive layer of moisture on the skin.

"Lime and lemon can cause a phototoxic reaction that may result in hyperpigmentation, and cocoa butter is occlusive and comedogenic, so it can cause acne and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation. plus, they don't lighten skin." ...

Use an oil like CND's Solaroil, $13.95, CND, and then make the treatment even more effective by wearing cotton gloves over the top, creating an occlusive layer that forces the oil deep into the skin." ...

Triceram cream, a therapeutic moisturizer, will reduce inflammation as well as moisturize without a greasy or occlusive feel. It is much more expensive than traditional moisturizers.

that help alleviate redness and calm irritated skin, are hydrating and provide gentle, skin-renewing exfoliation. We love honey because it's an amazing moisturizer, and because its unique texture has an amazing benefit - it's so thick and occlusive - ...

An important benefit, phospholipids are hygroscopic (attract water from the surrounding air) and hold water where an increased level of hydration is needed. Therefore, phospholipids increase the hydration levels of the skin without being occlusive ...

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Beauty  Occlusion  Octapeptide

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