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Adaptive landscape

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Adaptive landscape
In evolutionary biology, fitness landscapes or adaptive landscapes are used to visualize the relationship between genotypes (or phenotypes) and reproductive success. It is assumed that every genotype has a well defined...
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Adaptive landscape
The surface plotted in a three-dimensional graph; with all possible combinations of allele frequencies for different loci plotted in the plane; and mean fitness for each combination plotted in the third dimension. Also called adaptive surface.
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Wright also came up with the idea of the adaptive landscape -- an idea that remains influential to this day. Its influence remains even though P. A. P. Moran has shown that, mathematically, adaptive landscapes don't exist as Wright envisioned them.

A high point (perhaps one of several) on an adaptive landscape; selection tends to drive the genotype composition of the population toward a combination corresponding to an adaptive peak.
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In a 1932 paper he introduced the concept of an adaptive landscape in which phenomena such as cross breeding and genetic drift in small populations could push them away from adaptive peaks, which would in turn allow natural selection to push them towards new adaptive peaks.

In 1932, Wright introduced the concept of an ~ and argued that genetic drift and inbreeding could drive a small, isolated sub-population away from an adaptive peak, allowing natural selection to drive it towards different adaptive peaks.

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