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The restoration of activity or partial activity (complementation) to an enzyme made of identical subunits (polypeptides encoded by one gene) in a heterozygote of two different mutant alleles of that gene.

As we saw above, rapid lysis (r) mutants were found that mapped to three different regions of the T4 genome: rI, rII, and rIII.
This meant that ...

The ability of a gene to produce a functional gene product which compensates for the mutant phenotype caused by a mutation in another gene. Typically, the complementing gene produces a gene product (e.g.

In genetics, the restoration of a wild-type function (e.g., ability to grow on galactose) in diploid heterozygotes generated from haploids, ...

Complementation: The production of a wildtype phenotype when two recessive mutations from different genes are brought together.

The process by which two recessive mutants can supply each other's deficiency, such that a heterokaryon or diploid derived fron them and having the trans (repulsion) configuration is phenotypically normal (wild-type) or nearly so.

Complementation test
A mating test to determine whether two different recessive mutations (a1;a2) on opposite chromosomes (trans, a1+/+a2) of a diploid or partial diploid will not complement (ie have a mutant phenotype) each other; ...

- Process by which genes on different DNA molecules interact. Usually a protein product is involved, as this is a diffusible molecule that can exert its effect away from the DNA itself.

Complementation — The restoration of normal phenotype by gene replacement.

A complementation group consisting of seven recessive lethal mutations was mapped to the Madm genomic locus (Materials and methods).

Synthetic lethality or unlinked non-complementation - two mutations fail to complement and yet do not map to the same locus.

% recombination; mappable and unique; satisfy complementation or cis-trans test
A band or knob on a stained chromosome (insertions, deletions, translations) ...

AD, AR, XD, XR, CD: Patterns of Mendelian inheritance
Allelic and locus heterogeneity (complementation tests)
Variable expressivity and incomplete penetrance
Quantitative Genetics ...

See also: See also: Complement, Trans, Organ, Express, Mutation

Biology  Complementary sequences  Complementation test

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