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Separation of substances in solution by means of their unequal diffusion through semipermeable membranes.

Dialysis is the separation of small solute molecules or ions (e.g., glucose, Na+, Cl-) from macromolecules (e.g., starch) by virtue of their differing rates of diffusion through a differentially permeable membrane.

Dialysis a method for separating molecules of different sizes by diffusion through a partially permeable membrane.
Dicotyledon a flowering plant that produces seeds with two cotyledons.
Differentiation the process by which cells become specialized for a particular function.

(C) ~
(D) Diffusion
Which of the following organelles do not contain a double-membrane?

Hemo~ is the artificial blood filtration made by specific machines in substitution of the kidneys. Hemo~ may be necessary in patients suffering from diseases that cause renal failure, like diabetic renal complications, lupic renal complications and others.

People with malfunctioning kidneys often have to go through a process called ~ where they are hooked up to a machine that filters their blood. The machine acts as an artificial kidney and tries to re-establish normal levels of ions and water in their bodies.

4 liter (13.5 fluid ounces) of urine per day is insufficient to eliminate wastes and regulate the composition of blood. Such a condition is always fatal within a few weeks unless the underlying cause is corrected, a new kidney is transplanted, or the blood is artificially cleared by ~ .

Theprotein-containing fractions were pooled into the ~ bagand concentrated with polyethylene glycol 6000 in 1/10 volume.The contents were dialyzed for 24h at 4ā"ƒagainst distilledwater which was refreshed 5ļ½ž6 times and then subjected toexamination.

The two Max isoforms were also individually mixed with Myc under denaturing conditions, allowed to refold using a step ~ protocol, and then purified to obtain native, homogeneous heterodimers of Myc-MaxS and Myc-MaxL (Figure 3A).

The assembly mixtures were then transferred to a 96-well micro~ device (Spectrum Laboratories). The RNAPs were automatically assembled by gradually lowering the urea concentration in the ~ chamber from 6 M to urea-free over a period of 16 h using a robotically controlled pump.

A ~ machine which is used for people with kidney failure cannot differentiate between the useful and toxic molecules in the blood filtrate. All the small and middle-sized organic molecules are dialyzed away, irrespective of their value to the person.

The cell membrane, along with such things as ~ tubing and cellulose acetate sausage casing, is such a membrane. The presence of a solute decreases the water potential of a substance.

A particular concern is the contamination of medical devices such as urinary catheters, hemo~ equipment, and medical and dental implants. Biofilms that develop on these devices can increase the risk of patient infection.

An equal amount of this paste was added to a solution of protein and to a solution of starch in separate ~ tubing. The ~ tubing was left in separate beakers of water for two hours. The chromatograms show the results of this investigation.

And that's because water has the ability to go through a number of different membranes. This black line here that I drew in I'm using it to represent some kind of membrane. Well it's a cell membrane, a special kind of plastic or ~ tube whatever.

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