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Jointed appendages

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Jointed appendages
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Presence of jointed appendages. Trilobites, which flourished during Cambrian Period and were important animals in marine ecosystems for the remainder of the Paleozoic Era, had a pair of appendages on each body segment.

The pectoral and pelvic fins of fishes evolved into jointed appendages that allowed vertebrates to move onto land. The skull, the most anterior component of the main axis of the vertebrate endoskeleton, encases the brain.

Arthropod: Invertebrate animals with a segmented body and jointed appendages, for example, spiders, bees, and crabs.
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Concept 33.7 Arthropods are segmented coelomates that have an exoskeleton and jointed appendages
The world arthropod population has been estimated at a billion billion (1018) individuals.
Nearly a million arthropod species have been described.

phylum of invertebrate animals with jointed appendages or feet


arthropods (phylum Arthropoda)Invertebrates that have jointed appendages and a chitinous, segmented exoskeleton.
articular articularis = a joint.
articulate articulatus = jointed.

3 sections - head, thorax and abdomen. Exoskeleton. Paired, jointed appendages (may be legs, antennae, wings).

Insects are a class of arthropods. Like other arthropods, they have exoskeletons made from the carbohydrate chitin, segmented bodies, and jointed appendages.
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arthropod /ARTH-roh-pawd/ An organism belonging to Phylum Arthropoda, which includes all insects, spiders, and crustaceans. An arthropod has jointed appendages and its body is completely covered with an exoskeleton known as a cuticle.

an exoskeleton which is impervious to water and thus prevents loss of water from the body;
a system of tracheal tubes which penetrates every portion of the body, taking oxygen to, and carbon dioxide from, every cell;
paired, jointed appendages ...

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Biology  Joint  Karyokinesis

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