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Multiple alleles

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multiple alleles
one of three or more alternative forms of allelic series that all map to a specific locus
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Multiple Alleles
Diploid organisms naturally have a maximum of 2 alleles for each gene expressing a particular characteristic, one deriving from each parent.

Multiple alleles
Many genes have more than two alleles (even though any one diploid individual can only have at most two alleles for any gene), such as the ABO blood groups in humans, which are an example of multiple alleles.

Multiple alleles
In the previous case, there were only 2 alleles for one gene. In the case of the ABO blood grouping, there are 3 alleles for one gene and in this situation they are written a little differently: ...

(41) Multiple alleles [genotype]
(a) The simplest case is one allele per locus ...

Multiple alleles term used to describe a gene which has more than two possible alleles.
Muscle a tissue consisting of contractile fibres that can produce movement
Mutation a change in the amount or the arrangement of the genetic material in a cell.

multiple alleles A condition in which more than two alleles exist for a given trait.
multiple fission Asexual reproduction by the splitting of a cell or organism into many cells or organisms. See schizogony.

An example of multiple alleles is blood type. There are three alleles for blood type, A, B, and O. Because of this, people can have blood type A, B, AB, or O. AA or AO results in type A, BB or BO in type B, AB results in AB, and OO results in type O.

For example, at the flower color locus, there is either the red or the white allele (A or a). With human blood types, there are three alleles: A, B, or O. This is referred to as multiple alleles.

Mosaics, genetic Moss[life cycle] [evolutionary relationships] Motor unit M-phase promoting factor (MPF) MPS-I (mucopolysaccharidosis I) Multiple allelesMore than two alleles found at a give gene locus in a population.

The ABO blood group is a good example of codominance and multiple alleles. There are three allele that control the ABO blood groups. If there are more than two allele of a gene then they are called multiple allele.

Multiple alleles at a locus differed in sequence, but their fitnesses were the same. Kimura's neutral theory described rates of evolution and levels of polymorphism solely in terms of mutation and genetic drift.

Hardy-Weinberg equations can be written for traits with multiple alleles in the same way we just wrote one for two alleles.

Extended expression patterns seen in diploid organisms include facets of incomplete dominance, codominance, and multiple alleles .
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Most traits have multiple alleles. Sometimes the terms allele and gene are used interchangeably. Although mutations are often undesirable, some are neutral or even beneficial.

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