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osteocytes Bone cells that lay down new bone; found in the concentric layers of compact bone. Bone cell, a type of connective tissue. PICTURE ...

osteocyte [Gr. osteon - bone; Gr. kytos - a hollow vessel, modern usage: cyt- denotes a cell] A mature bone cell derived from an osteoblast and located within a lacuna.

Osteocyte a bone cell
(osteo = bone; cyto = cell)
Ovary "female" plant structure in which female gametophytes are produced and seeds develop or female animal structure in which eggs form
(ova = egg) ...

osteocyte A bone cell that is characteristic of adult bone, has developed from an osteoblast, and is isolated in a lacuna of the bone substance.
osteon Unit of bone structure; Haversian system.

Bone is also made up of a matrix and lacunae inhabited by cells, osteocytes, which secrete the matrix.

The bone matrix contains many collagen fibers as well as inorganic mineral salts, calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate, all features that make it a very rigid structure. Bone cells, called osteocytes, ...

Now within it you'll find osteocytes sitting in this tiny little caves and they're being fed by these arteries and veins that run through the middle of these canals so you'll have these concentric rings of bone being made by the osteocytes with ...

Bone is first deposited as woven bone, in a disorganized structure with a high proportion of osteocytes in young and in healing injuries. Woven bone is weaker, with a small number of randomly oriented collagen fibers, but forms quickly.

Osteocytes originate from osteoblasts that have migrated into and become trapped and surrounded by bone matrix that they themselves produce. The spaces they occupy are known as lacunae.

Compact bone has a series of Haversian canals around which concentric layers of bone cells (osteocytes) and minerals occur. New bone is formed by the osteocytes.

Haversion system arrangement of compact bone consisting of osteocytes and matrix in cylinders of bone surrounding central haversion canals.
Helicotrema a tiny hole where compartments communicate at the tip of the cochlea.

One of many structural units of vertebrate bone, consisting of concentric layers of mineralized bone matrix surrounding lacunae, which contain osteocytes, and a central canal, which contains blood vessels and nerves.
heat ...

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Biology  Osmosis  Ostium

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