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Presence of functional and/or structural differences in distinct regions of a cell or cellular component.

Apical polarity in three-dimensional culture systems: where to now?
Jamie L Inman and Mina J Bissell*
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Nonpolar molecules diffuse faster through the lipid portion of the membranes.
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polarity of characters -- The states of characters used in a cladistic analysis, either original or derived.

Most neurons can be anatomically characterized as:
Unipolar or pseudounipolar: dendrite and axon emerging from same process.
Bipolar: axon and single dendrite on opposite ends of the soma.
Multipolar: more than two dendrites: ...

[edit] Polarity
The polarity of an actin filament can be determined by decorating the microfilament with myosin "S1" fragments, creating barbed (+) and pointed (-) ends on the filament.

polarity In systematics, the ordering of alternative states of a taxonomic character from ancestral to successively derived conditions in an evolutionary transformation series.

(C) Polarity
(D) Permeability
What is the name of the structure around which microtubules grow?

Changed polarity of the membrane, the action potential, results in propagation of the nerve impulse along the membrane. An action potential is a temporary reversal of the electrical potential along the membrane for a few milliseconds.

(d) [5' 3' polarity (Google Search)] [index]
(12) Antiparallel strands (see also antiparallel)
(a) Recall additionally that the two DNA strands that make up a double helix are arranged antiparallel ...

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polymorphism 1 2 3 4
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The polarity of water
Water has a simple molecular structure. It is composed of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. Each hydrogen atom is covalently bonded to the oxygen via a shared pair of electrons.

Due to this fact, each microfilament exhibits polarity, the two ends of the filament being distinctly different.

Having impaired polarity; applied to a compass needle. Like mad, like a mad person; in a furious manner; as, to run like mad. To run mad. To become wild with exci 6f7 tement.

There were what we call "maternal coordinate" genes, "Gap genes, "Pair-Rule" genes, "segment polarity" genes, and "homeotic" genes. They basically act in that kind of hierarchical order to set a pattern of the embryo.

patterning occurs progressively from the deployment of coarsely expressed gap genes to the more refined segment polarity genes (reviewed by Ingham, 1988)
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As the action potential passes (B), the polarity is reversed. Then the outflow of K+ ions quickly restores normal polarity (C).

What are the implications of bond polarity? We can see the consequences of bond polarity by comparing the properties of molecules with and without polar bonds.

3.1.4 Draw and label a diagram showing the structure of water molecules to show their polarity and hydrogen bond formation.
3.1.5 Outline the thermal, cohesive and solvent properties of water.

Polar mutation
A mutation which affects not only the gene in which it is located but other genes located immediately downstream on the DNA molecule. See Rho dependent polarity .
Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

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Biology  Polar nuclei  Pollen grain

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