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Direct Reversal of Base Damage
Perhaps the most frequent cause of point mutations in humans is the spontaneous addition of a methyl group (CH3-) (an example of alkylation) to Cs followed by deamination to a T.

Resemblance between two taxa because one of them has evolved a new character, then lost it again, and the other taxon has never evolved it.
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A reversal of the order of syllables in a word, analogous to mirror writing.
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Experimental reversal of parental investment
Observed speciation
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Complete sex reversal corresponds to the extreme end of the intersex spectrum, where apparently there is no ambiguity of the genitalia at birth, but yet there is a intermediate state, at some level which is either the genetic level or the hormonal level or the brain level.

inversion A ~ in the order of genes on a chromosome segment.
ion An atom that has lost or gained electrons from its outer shell and therefore has a positive or negative charge, respectively; symbolized by a superscript plus or minus sign and sometimes a number, e.g., H+, Na+1, Cl-2.

monsoon A seasonal ~ of wind patterns caused by the different heating and cooling rates of the oceans and continents.
montane coniferous forests Coniferous forests of the mountains consisting of belts of different forest communities along an altitudinal gradient.

Sex-role ~ in vertebrates: behavioural and endocrinological accounts. Behav Processes 51(1-3):135-147. PMID 11074317
^ Barlow GW. (2005). How Do We Decide that a Species is Sex-Role Reversed? The Quarterly Review of Biology 80(1):28-35. PMID 15884733
^ MRSA Superbug News.

The ~ potential was at about 45mV. Under the same configuration, PSS containing 5mmolÂ-L-1 Ba2+ instead of 2mmolÂ-L-1 Ca2+ were superfused and IBa was elicited by the same step voltage command pulse. At OmV the peak values about -587.91±95.

Their reconstructions suggest multiple losses of digits from the manus (hand) with no ~s (as expected), but they found a very different pattern for the pes (foot).

One possibility is that body mass is a poor proxy for population size in birds [60], but it is not clear how this alone could lead to a ~ in the sign of the correlation, though it could in principle introduce noise.

The term "retro" in retrovirus refers to this ~ (making DNA from RNA) of the central dogma of molecular biology.

The term introduccd by Sturtevant (1926) for the ~ of the linear sequence of the genes in a segment of a chromosome.

The substitution, in duplex DNA, of one pair of nucleotides for another, or the ~ of a pair of nucleotides with respect to the strands in which the two individual nucleotides reside.

Action potential: the ~ and restoration of the electrical potential across the plasma membrane of a cell, as an electrical impulse passes along it (depolarization and repolarization).
6.5.5 Explain how a nerve impulse passes along a non-myelinated neuron.

convergent evolution, parallelism, evolutionary ~s, horizontal gene transfer, gene duplications). Homoplasy violates a basic assumption of the analysis of genetic markers -- variants of similar phenotype (e.g., base pair size) are assumed to derive from a common ancestor. [See Sanderson, M.

Explain how the streaming of a Amoeba illustrates phase ~ in a colloid.
This is a question from my Protozoans lab that I am completing. I mainly don't understand what phase ~ is. Thank you.
What is the function of cell division?
Study Cell Division .

? Patterns of magnetic ~ can be matched with corresponding patterns elsewhere, allowing rocks to be dated when other methods are not available.
Geologists have established a geologic record of Earth's history.

Action potential: A brief ~ of membrane. charge that moves down the axon, causing an ... you see here, an action potential. is simply an electrical ...
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In a ~ of this process, a double-stranded DNA (or RNA, or DNA/RNA) molecule can be heated to break the base pairing and separate the two strands. Hybridization is a part of many important laboratory techniques such as polymerase chain reaction and Southern blotting.

Phalaropes gain weight at Great Salt Lake before heading to their wintering grounds in South America. Interestingly, Phalaropes exhibit a sort of sexual role ~. The females are larger and more colorful than the males, and the males build the nest and incubate the eggs.

shortened from "disturbance climax‚" used to describe an ecosystem in which the climax community is held at a "lower" level due to repeated‚ unpredictable events (for example‚ maintenance of a prairie area by periodic fires which kill invading trees)
(dis = separation‚ negation‚ ~) ...

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