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secondary roots. The network of fine roots that develops from the primary roots of a strawberry plant and picks up water and nutrients from the soil; white roots.

Primary and secondary roots in a cotton plant
In vascular plants, the root is the organ of a plant body that typically lies below the surface of the soil (compare with stem).

Pericycle - the outer boundary of the stele. Secondary roots branch from it.
Xylem - arranged in bundles in a spokelike fashion
Phloem - alternates with xylem ...

Roots on the other hand they have one primary root with a bunch of secondary roots coming off of it with thousands of root hairs coming off of individual cells.

A taproot, characteristic of dicots, is a single dominant root from which smaller, secondary roots extend. Fibrous roots, a system composed of many small roots, have no single dominant root.

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Biology  Secondary phloem  Secondary Structure

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