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EST (expressed sequence tag): A partial sequence of a cDNA molecule. See also STS.
Ethology: Study of animal behaviour under normal conditions.

Substantial Equivalence
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Systemwide Livestock Programme
Systemwide Program on Integrated Pest Management
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Maps of irradiation sites on chromosomes for the human, rat, mouse, and other genomes provide important markers, allowing the construction of very precise STS maps indispensable to studying multifactorial diseases.

Sequence tagged site (STS) Short (200 to 500 base pairs) DNA sequence that has a single occurrence in the human genome and whose location and base sequence are known.

The authors interpret these effects as reflecting perceptual and encoding differences among the AP subjects, drawing a plausible link to literature demonstrating the importance of the STS in the identification and categorization of sounds, ...

sequence tagged site (STS) A short (200-500 base-pair) DNA fragment, with a known location and sequence, that occurs only once in a genome.

Expressed sequence tag (EST) is STS derived from cDNA.
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Sequence-tagged site (STS). A unique (single-copy) DNA sequence used as a mapping landmark on a chromosome.

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Biology  Structural gene  Style

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