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Tetrad analysis

Biology  Tetrad  Tetraodon nigroviridis

Tetrad analysis
A method for establishing linkage relationships in fungi by analysing the four products from individual meiotic divisions.
The four products of a single meiosis.

Tetrad analysis
When diploid S. cerevisiae cells undergo meiosis, four haploid spores are produced which are enclosed within a sac called an ascus. Using a micromanipulator, the 4 spores (the "tetrad") can be "dissected" out of the ascus and separated on an agar plate.

Recent advances, including whole-genome sequencing efforts, chromatin immunoprecipitation using kinetochore proteins, and tetrad analysis in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, have bolstered the belief that centromere satellite repeats may be functionally important sequences [5-8].

Centromere positions were mapped using half-tetrad analysis in a population of 49 plants derived from first-division restitution unreduced gametes of several B. napus - B. carinata hybrids [37]. A total of 13,098 SNPs polymorphic between the B. napus and B.

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