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BIMINI: Cover or roof to protect crew from sun and adverse weather on the bridge or in the cockpit the boat.
BITTER END: The last part of a rope or chain. The inboard end of the anchor rode.
BLOCK: A pulley on board ship in invariably called a block
BOAT: A fairly indefinite term.

A bimini is a weather resistant fabric stretched over a stainless steel frame, fastened above the cockpit of a sailboat or flybridge of a power yacht which serves as a rain or sun shade. Bimini's are an absolute necessity for Caribbean sailing ...

bimini top
A canvas cover over the helm or cockpit area.
Vertical post extending above the deck to secure docking lines.

A cover used to shelter the cockpit from the sun.
Any of the deck posts, often in pairs, around which lines or chains are wound and held fast.

A weather protection covering, usually mounted on a frame over a portion of the cockpit. Can be of fabric, i.e., canvas or hard material, i.e., fiberglass or plastic.

A cover used to shelter the cockpit from the sun.
The mount for the compass, usually located on the wheel's pedestal.

~ or ~ Top - a weather-resistant fabric stretched over a frame, fastened above the cockpit of a sailboat or flybridge of a power yacht which serves as a rain or sun shade. A similar type of shelter on a boat, but with added forward and side protection, is called a Dodger.

~; A cockpit cover to give shelter the from the sun.
BINNACLE; A pedestal or mounting which holds the compass.
BIRCH-BARK CANOE; A canoe with hull covered by one or more pieces of stitched birch-bark.

Bimini Top - Open-front canvas top for the cockpit of a boat, usually supported by a metal frame.
Binnacle - The stand on which the ship's compass is mounted.

~. 1, an Island in The Bahamas. 2, a collapsible canvas top to shield the cockpit from sun; as in: In the strong sun of the tropics all were glad to have the bimini up.

~ Sun shade. A bimini provides protection from the sun. It is commonly made from fabric mounted on a collapsable frame. BOARD FOOT A lumber measurement. One board foot = 1" X 12" X 12". A piece of lumber 2" X 12" X 12" = 2 board feet.

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Canvas - Tightly woven cloth used for sails, awnings, covers, dodgers and biminis; slang for sails.
Cap - A piece of trim, usually wood, used to cover and often decorate a portion of the boat, i.e., caprail.
Capsize - To turn a boat over ...

Dodger, splash cloths, and bimini. Dodger with easy visibility forward to keep the wind out of the cockpit, and along with splash cloths keep crew in the cockpit dry when water is shipped, and Bimini to shade us from the tropical sun.
Folding mast steps.

Tightely woven cloth used for sails, covers, dodgers and biminis. Typically made from cotton, hemp or linen. Modern sails are made out of synthetic materials generally known as sailcloth.
When a boat falls over in the water so that is no longer right side up.

Clean and polish all metal.
Clean and inspect canvas, covers and bimini top.
Clean and inspect bilges and through hull fittings.
Check all fittings secure.
Lubricate all hinges, latches, etc with the best
corrosion inhibiting lubricant you can buy.

sail - The specifically designed cloth that catches or directs the wind and, in doing so, powers a vessel. Term also applied to a ship, or an assemblage of ships, as "We saw four sail off Bimini."
sail covers or coats - Protective covers for sails when furled.

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