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BIMINI: Cover or roof to protect crew from sun and adverse weather on the bridge or in the cockpit the boat.
BITTER END: The last part of a rope or chain. The inboard end of the anchor rode.
BLOCK: A pulley on board ship in invariably called a block
BOAT: A fairly indefinite term.

A bimini is a weather resistant fabric stretched over a stainless steel frame, fastened above the cockpit of a sailboat or flybridge of a power yacht which serves as a rain or sun shade. Bimini's are an absolute necessity for Caribbean sailing ...

bimini top
A canvas cover over the helm or cockpit area.
Vertical post extending above the deck to secure docking lines.

A cover used to shelter the cockpit from the sun.
Any of the deck posts, often in pairs, around which lines or chains are wound and held fast.

A weather protection covering, usually mounted on a frame over a portion of the cockpit. Can be of fabric, i.e., canvas or hard material, i.e., fiberglass or plastic.

A cover used to shelter the cockpit from the sun.
The mount for the compass, usually located on the wheel's pedestal.

~ or ~ Top - a weather-resistant fabric stretched over a frame, fastened above the cockpit of a sailboat or flybridge of a power yacht which serves as a rain or sun shade. A similar type of shelter on a boat, but with added forward and side protection, is called a Dodger.

~; A cockpit cover to give shelter the from the sun.
BINNACLE; A pedestal or mounting which holds the compass.
BIRCH-BARK CANOE; A canoe with hull covered by one or more pieces of stitched birch-bark.

~ Top - Open-front canvas top for the cockpit of a boat, usually supported by a metal frame.
Binnacle - The stand on which the ship's compass is mounted.

~. 1, an Island in The Bahamas. 2, a collapsible canvas top to shield the cockpit from sun; as in: In the strong sun of the tropics all were glad to have the ~ up.

~ Sun shade. A ~ provides protection from the sun. It is commonly made from fabric mounted on a collapsable frame. BOARD FOOT A lumber measurement. One board foot = 1" X 12" X 12". A piece of lumber 2" X 12" X 12" = 2 board feet.

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Canvas - Tightly woven cloth used for sails, awnings, covers, dodgers and ~s; slang for sails.
Cap - A piece of trim, usually wood, used to cover and often decorate a portion of the boat, i.e., caprail.
Capsize - To turn a boat over ...

Dodger, splash cloths, and ~. Dodger with easy visibility forward to keep the wind out of the cockpit, and along with splash cloths keep crew in the cockpit dry when water is shipped, and ~ to shade us from the tropical sun.
Folding mast steps.

Tightely woven cloth used for sails, covers, dodgers and ~s. Typically made from cotton, hemp or linen. Modern sails are made out of synthetic materials generally known as sailcloth.
When a boat falls over in the water so that is no longer right side up.

Clean and polish all metal.
Clean and inspect canvas, covers and ~ top.
Clean and inspect bilges and through hull fittings.
Check all fittings secure.
Lubricate all hinges, latches, etc with the best
corrosion inhibiting lubricant you can buy.

sail - The specifically designed cloth that catches or directs the wind and, in doing so, powers a vessel. Term also applied to a ship, or an assemblage of ships, as "We saw four sail off ~."
sail covers or coats - Protective covers for sails when furled.

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