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FIDDLE: An upright guard an inch or two high along a galley edge or table edge, which prevents items from sliding off when the boat heels.

fiddle - A small rail on tables and counters used to keep objects from sliding off when heeled or in heavy seas.
figure-eight - A type of knot that can be used to stop a line from passing through a block or other fitting.

Fiddle block
A block with two sheaves, one above the other on separate pins; is supposed to look rather like a violin because the upper block is larger.
Figure-eight knot ...

fiddle head - The curved part of the knee at the upper fore part of the stem in schooners, turned upwards aft like the curly part of a fiddle head. A scroll head turns downwards.

A small rail on tables and counters used to keep objects from sliding off when the vessel rolls and pitches.
Fiddle Block:
A double block where the two sheaves lie in a plane one below the other, rather than alongside each other.

Fiddle - a raised edge on a table to stop eg plates falling off.
Figure Eight Knot - A knot in the form of a figure eight, placed in the end of a line to prevent the line from passing through a grommet or a block.
Fin Keel - a single keeled boat ...

FIDDLE BLOCK; A block with two sheaves one above the other as opposed to side by side and where the top sheave is larger than the bottom one.
FIDDLE; A rail on the edge of horizontal surfaces to prevent objects from sliding off when the boat heels.

Strip around a table to prevent items from falling off when the boat is at a heel
A rack or bar used to prevent dishes, pot, and other objects from sliding off a counter, table or stove.

(See BOATBUILDING METHODS/Plywood for more information.) FIDDLE A frame or railing on a boat's table to keep dishes, etc. from falling off in rough weather. Fiddles are frequently left open at the corners for drainage.

Fiddles: A kind of framing around tables under deck to keep objects from rolling off the surface
Figure Eight Knot: A common knot that is often used to prevent lines and ropes from slipping through a fitting.

iron framework around hatchway opening
ornament or (usually female) bust attached to the bow of a ship
flag pole at stern of a ship
part of an anchor that fastens in the ground
forebitt ...

BLOCK, FIDDLE A block having two sheaves of different diameters placed in the same plane one above the other.

There is enough counter space to create a meal without too much shuffling, and stout fiddles will keep the chopped vegetables from sliding to the sole when cooking in lumpy conditions.

A fiddle block has two or more sheaves in one block, each with its own axle, so the sheaves are aligned.
A snatch-block can be closed around a line, to grab the line, rather than threading the end of the line through the block.

See also: See also: Block, Boat, Deck, Sailing, Forward

Boating  Fid  Figure eight knot

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