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Fiddle block
Fiddle block
A block with two sheaves of different sizes, and fitted one above the other in the same plane, thus presenting a shape not unlike the body of a fiddle or the middle part of Miss Mae West, the renowned actress ...

FIDDLE: An upright guard an inch or two high along a galley edge or table edge, which prevents items from sliding off when the boat heels.
FIGURE EIGHT KNOT: A knot in the form of a figure eight, placed in the end of a line to prevent the line from passing through a jammer or a block.

A small rail on tables and counters used to keep objects from sliding off when the vessel heals while tacking or lurches in heavy seas.
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Fiddle Block: A block with a large sheave above a small one.
Fiddles: Strips used round tables in rough weather were called fiddles. Or around a galley stove to stop pots falling off for the same reason.

Fiddle block
A block with two sheaves, one above the other on separate pins; is supposed to look rather like a violin because the upper block is larger.
Figure-eight knot ...

~ head - The curved part of the knee at the upper fore part of the stem in schooners, turned upwards aft like the curly part of a ~ head. A scroll head turns downwards.

~ Block - two or more sheaves in one block, each having a separate axle, arranged so that the sheaves are in line one below the other ...

BLOCK, ~ : A block having two sheaves of different diameters placed in the same plane one above the other.

~ - a raised edge on a table to stop eg plates falling off.
Figure Eight Knot - A knot in the form of a figure eight, placed in the end of a line to prevent the line from passing through a grommet or a block.
Fin Keel - a single keeled boat ...

~ BLOCK; A block with two sheaves one above the other as opposed to side by side and where the top sheave is larger than the bottom one.
~; A rail on the edge of horizontal surfaces to prevent objects from sliding off when the boat heels.
FILLET/FILLETING; See Stitch and Glue Joints ...

Strip around a table to prevent items from falling off when the boat is at a heel
A rack or bar used to prevent dishes, pot, and other objects from sliding off a counter, table or stove.

~ HEAD. A ship's s head without a figure, made with a scroll, to turn in or out like the head of a violin.
FIGURE HEAD. A carved figure or emblem placed over the cutwater of a ship.

~r's Green - A slang term for a sailor's paradise where amusements were plentiful, and the women were accommodating.
Fife Rail: A freestanding pinrail surrounding the base of a mast and used for securing that mast's sails' halyards with a series of belaying pins.

Block - A long shell having one sheave over the other, and the lower smaller than the upper.
~head ...

(See BOATBUILDING METHODS/Plywood for more information.) ~ A frame or railing on a boat's table to keep dishes, etc. from falling off in rough weather. ~s are frequently left open at the corners for drainage. FILL The thread that runs across sail cloth from edge to edge.

~s: A kind of framing around tables under deck to keep objects from rolling off the surface
Figure Eight Knot: A common knot that is often used to prevent lines and ropes from slipping through a fitting.
Fin Keel: A single keel that is centrally located and ballasted ...

iron framework around hatchway opening
ornament or (usually female) bust attached to the bow of a ship
flag pole at stern of a ship
part of an anchor that fastens in the ground
post for fastening cables at a ship's foremast
forecabin ...

A ~ block has two or more sheaves in one block, each with its own axle, so the sheaves are aligned.
A snatch-block can be closed around a line, to grab the line, rather than threading the end of the line through the block.

Article of rigging that allows pressure to be diverted or, when used with others, increased. Consists of a pulley wheel, made of lignum vitae, encased in a wooden shell. Blocks can be single, double (~ block), triple or quadruple based on the number of pulley wheels.
~ block
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