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Green buoy

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green buoy - A can buoy. A cylindrical buoy painted green and having an odd number used in the United States as a navigational aid. At night they may have a green light. Green buoys should be kept on the left side when returning from a larger body of water to a smaller one.

In both systems, green buoys are given odd numbers and red buoys are even. The numbering starts at "1" at the mouth of the harbor or river, and increases from there.

Green buoys should be kept on the left side when returning from a larger body of water to a smaller one. Captain The person who is in charge of a vessel and legally responsible for it and its occupants. Cardinal points The points of North, South, East and West as marked on a compass rose.

Generally, green buoys must be passed on the left side of a craft heading upstream, i.e., against the current. Red buoys must be kept on the right side of a craft when proceeding in the upstream direction. A simple rule is red to the right when returning, or the three "R's": red, right, return.

A fairway or ‘street' system of buoyage, with flat-topped red buoys to port, and conical green buoys to starboard, when you are moving in the same direction as the Flood tide. (Please see IALA buoyage system.)
Lateral plane ...

channel - The area of a waterway that is navigable; this area is typically marked by red and ~s, where the water depth is known.
channels - Strong pieces of timber fixed on the side of a ship inside the chain plates to give greater spread to the rigging.

Nun buoys: These are cone-shaped red buoys with even numbers and mark the edge of a channel on a boaters starboard (right) side when entering from the open sea or heading upstream.
Can buoys: These are cylindrical-shaped ~s with odd numbers and mark the edge of the channel on your ...

If the green marker has several pilings supporting it, it will be called a Dolphin. ~s with lights will usually be found in deeper water. The light will be green.
4. Larger Lighted buoys may also have bells or other sound producing devices attached.

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