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kedging - 1 - To kedge off. A method of pulling a boat out of shallow water when it has run aground. A dinghy is used to set an anchor, then the boat is pulled toward the anchor.

Freeing a grounded boat by hauling in on an anchorline that has been secured in deeper water by a dinghy
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Kedging: A method used to free a grounded boat by dropping it's anchor in deeper water and then pulling on the anchor rode to attempt to free the boat.

Statue of Peter the Great leaning on an anchor, in symbol of his shipbuilding activity (Voronezh, 1860).
or warping is a technique for moving or turning a ship by using a relatively light anchor.

Kedging Anchor - Dropping an anchor behind a grounded boat using a dingy or even swimming it out using a flotation cushion to support the anchor
Knot - Nautical mile (6,076 ft) per hour ( a measure of speed) ...

is the process of hauling in on that anchor in attempt to float the boat. Before we could set a kedge, we had to launch the dinghy. We lost more valuable time dragging the Zodiac out of the lazzarette and inflating it.

ANCHOR, KEDGE A small anchor used for warping or kedging. It is usually planted from a small boat, the vessel being hauled up toward it. The weight varies, being usually from 900 to 1,200 pounds.

The principal anchor of a boat, dropped from the bows, is called the Bower anchor. The Kedge is a lighter, subsidiary anchor, used for a lunchtime stop or taken out in the dinghy to haul off when you have run aground. This is then called , ...

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Boating  Kedge  Keel

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