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Length Overall
The total lenth of a vessel´s Hull measured from the furthest point Forward the the aftermost part - not including spars that protrude (eg: Bowsprit) ...

Length overall; the distance between the most forward part of the boat and the most aft part.
A stowage compartment, whether equipped with a lock or not.

Refers to Length Overall, the measurement from the leading edge of the bow to the end of the stern or any overhang

LOA - See definition of "length overall."
load waterline - The vessel's expected waterline when it is fully equipped and loaded with gear. See also "waterline."
locker - A closet; A storage place or container.

LOA Length overall. The overall length of a vessel from the foremost to the aftermost part
LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas, or a carrier of LPG.

LOA (Length Overall) & LWL (Waterline Length)
Detailed hull dimensions ...

LOA 45'; LWL 42'5'; Beam 15'; Draft 6'6'; Displacement 29,982 lbs.; Ballast 9,479 lbs.;
Sail area 1,114 sq. ft.; SA/D 18; D/L 175; L/B 2.88; Auxiliary Yanmar 75-hp; Fuel 156 gals.; Water 208 gals.

LOA The total length of a boat including any projecting such as bowsprits and bumpkins.
LOCKER An enclosed storage place on a boat.
LOFTING See Lofting ...

Length Overall (LOA) - Centerline length of hull including molded in pulpits and platforms
Log - A device that gives a direct readout of miles run. Distance measuring device ...

Length overall (LOA) - total length of a boat
Length (waterline) (LWL) - length of boat at the waterline.
Longitude - The distance in degrees east or west of the meridian at Greenwich ...

length over all (LOA)
Length of a boat at the longest measurement.
lie to ...

Length overall , LOA - the total length of a boat.
Lifebelt , lifejacket, life preserver or Mae West - A device such as a buoyant ring or inflatable jacket which keeps a person afloat in the water.

Length Overall (LOA): The extreme length of the ship.
Length on Waterline (LWL): This is the length at the waterline in the ship's design loaded condition.
Freeboard (F): Distance between the waterline and the uppermost watertight deck.

But it does not. This silly term is abbreviated as LOA and is nearly always found in the company of LWL, which is length of the hull at the waterline when the boat is loaded to her average working weight.

The total length of the boat, including any object protruding from the bow or the stern. Also known as LOA.
In the water outside of the vessel.

No legal requirements In the UK there are no legal requirements for lifejackets on purely pleasure craft of less than 13.7m (42ft 10in) LOA. The Maritime Coast Guard Agency distributes free advice.

Beneteau First 211 £15,700 Exe Press is a fine example of this p...
Four Winns 258 Vista E22,500 This excellent example of the popular Fo...
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49i E170,000 LOA : 15.07 m Hull length: 14.75...

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Boating  LNG carrier  Load water line

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