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Mizzen mast

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mizzen mast
A shorter mast located aft of the main mast on a yawl or ketch.
modified-V hull
A modification of the deep-V hull shape with a deadrise of less than 20 degrees.

Mizzen mast
A smaller aft mast on a ketch or yawl rigged boat.
Mizzen sail
The sail on the aft mast of a ketch or yawl rigged sailboat.

mizzen mast - Spar on which the mizzen sail is hoisted; the aftermost (vertical) spar in a ketch or yawl.
mizzen staysail - A sail set "flying" from a yawl's mizenmast head to an eye bolt on deck forward of the mizenmast. Generally set with a quarterly wind.

Mizzen mast
Short mast at the stern of the ship for the lateen sail.

Bonaventure Mizzen Mast - in larger galleons, a fourth mast with, usually, a lateen-rigged mizzen
Bonnet - a strip of canvas laced onto the bottom of a loose footed jib in order to increase the sail area in fair weather. The bonnet is removed when wind velocity increases again.

A small sail on the ~ of a yawl or a ketch.
The larger of the headsails.

Three-masted, being square-rigged on the two forward masts, and having a lateen rigged ~. Christopher Colmbus' small squadron, the Santa Maria, Pinta, and Nina, were all Caravels, as were Magellan's ships in his famous circumnavigation.

A naval ensign flag flown from the main mast, ~, or the aft-most major mast of (especially) British sailing warships; Union Jack. F: a sort of flag or colours, displayed from a mast erected on the outer end of a ship's bowsprit.

The tallest mast; as in: On a ketch the ~ is always shorter than the mainmast.
mainsail. The main sail of a boat often the largest sail and raised on the mainmast; as in: Leaving the anchorage the first sail we set is the mainsail.

In both a ketch and a yawl, the foremost mast is tallest, and thus the main mast, while the rear mast is shorter, and called the ~.

barque, or bark: at least three masts, fore-and-aft rigged ~
barquentine: at least three masts with all but the foremost fore-and-aft rigged
bilander: a ship or brig with a lug-rigged mizzen sail
brig: two masts square rigged (may have a spanker on the aftermost) ...

A two-masted sailing boat, with the after or ~ forward of the rudder. Well, that's one definition, and its corollary says that a Yawl has the mizzen aft of the rudder.

Yawl - like the ketch only the ~ is located aft of the rudder post. The standard joke is "a Yawl is just a southern ketch." Remember you heard it here first. Both the ketch and the yawl can fly a jiblike sail between the masts called a mizzen staysail.

ketchA sailboat similar in appearance to a yawl with a tall main mast and a shorter ~ ahead of the rudder post. kicker motorA small auxiliary outboard motor. kill switchA switch with a lanyard that automatically shuts off an engine if disconnected.

ketch - A sailboat with two masts. The shorter ~ is aft of the main mast, but forward of the rudder post. A similar vessel, the yawl, has the ~ aft of the rudder post.
king plank - The center plank on a wooden deck.

Yawl: A sailboat that has two masts. The aft mast (mizzen) is shorter than the foremast. The ~ is located aft the rudder post. (On a Ketch, the ~ is located fore of the rudder post - this is the distinquishing factor between the two.) ...

Yawl - A two masted sailboat with the shorter ~ placed aft of the rudder post. A ketch is similar, but the ~ is forward of the rudder post.
Yawl Boat - A rowboat on davits at the stern of the boat. Or a small powered boat.

YAWL - A two-masted sailboat with the small ~ stepped abaft the rudder post.
There are no boating terms under this heading.

Triatic stay - stay which connects the tops of mainmast and ~ .
Trim - Fore and aft balance of a boat. Also, to set a sail correctly.
Trimaran - a boat with three hulls.

After mast the 4th Mast on a five or 6 masted Schooner or sailing Ship carrying a spanker, or the ~ of a Yawl or a Ketch.
see also:
Jigger ...

(Pronounced croj-jack.) The sail cross-jack yard is the lower crossed yard on the ~.
Pieces of timber that keeps a vessel together while in her frames.

YAW - To swing off course, as when due to the impact of a following or quartering sea.
YAWL - A two-masted sailboat with the small ~ stepped abaft the rudder post.
There are no boating terms under this heading.

Mizzen staysail: Sail on a ketch or yawl, usually lightweight, set from, and forward of, the ~ while reaching in light to moderate air.

A square yard used to spread the foot of a topsail where no course is set, such as on the foremast of a topsail schooner or above the driver on the ~ of a ship rigged vessel.
Cut and Run ...

Jigger-Aft sail on the ~ of a yawl or a ketch. After mast (4th mast)on schooner or sailing ship carrying a spanker.
Jones John Paul-US (Scot.-born) naval officer & hero in American Revolution; as captain of ship
Junk-A native sailing vessel common to the Far East Seas ...

The answer is to design ketch rigs with a smaller mizzen, closer to yawl proportions. This makes a good compromise rig with some of the advantages of both. The ~ can be well stayed, and the mizzen sail is not so large that it unduly affects performance.

On a ketch, the mizzen is placed forward of the rudder post, or about a third of the way from the stern to the bow. If you move the ~ farther aft, typically behind the rudder post (back to the stern of the boat), you have a yawl.

Jibe: To go from one tack to the other when running with the wind coming over the stern.
Jigger: Aft sail on the ~ of a yawl or a ketch. After mast (4th mast) on schooner or sailing ship carrying a spanker.
Junk: A native sailing vessel common to the Far East Seas.

Mayday: An internationally valid distress signal that is repeated three times and has highest priority of all signals
Midship: Center of the vessel, middle between bow and stern
Mizzen: A fore and aft sail on the ~ ...

Ketch A sailboat with two masts, a shorter ~ is aft of the main mast.
Kiln Dried As in timber, refers to forced hot air circulation through a chamber to dry the wood.
King Plank The centerline plank of a deck.
Knee See Hanging Knee.

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