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Nun buoy

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Nun buoy
Nun buoy
A buoy which is diamond-shaped when viewed from any side. It has
a pointed top and a pointed bottom ...

Nun buoys: These are cone-shaped red buoys with even numbers and mark the edge of a channel on a boaters starboard (right) side when entering from the open sea or heading upstream.

Nun Buoy: These cone-shaped buoys are always marked with red markings and even numbers. They mark the edge of the channel on your starboard (right) side when entering from open sea or heading upstream.

Nun buoy
A conical buoy with a pointed top, painted red, and having an even number, used in the United States for navigational aids. At night they may have a red light.

A Nun Buoy marks the LEFT side of the channel leaving a harbor. It will be RED and have even numbers on it.
6. Red Daymarkers are often used in shallow areas for the same purpose.
If the red marker has several pilings supporting it, it will be called a Dolphin.

~- Shaped like a rocket's nose cone
Overtaken - Vessel being overtaken must hold course
Overtaking Situation - Overtaking vessels must keep out of the way of the vessel being ...

nautical mileA distance of 6,076.12 feet or 1,852 meters, which is about 15 percent longer than a statute mile. Equivalent to one minute of latitude on a navigation chart. ~Conical navigation buoy that is usually red.
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No Go Zone - The boat is pointed too close to the wind for the sails to generate any power The sails will be luffing ("flapping") in the breeze and making noise, like a flag.
Nun or ~ - A buoy large in the middle, and tapering nearly to a point at each end.

~ Nanking cloth, Nankeen A kind of cotton cloth, originally made at Nanking, China, from a yellow variety of cotton. Nankeen may also refer to a (pale) yellow or buff color. narrows D: a narrow part of a strait, river, ocean current, etc. B: A small passage between two lands.

In channel marking its use is opposite that of a "~".
Canister: a type of antipersonnel cannon load in which lead balls or other loose metallic items were enclosed in a tin or iron shell.

Buoys are often named according to shape, as the can buoy, which is a metal cylinder; the ~, which has the shape of a truncated cone; and the spar buoy, which is an upright post, or spar, anchored at one end.

A cylindrical buoy painted green and having an odd number used in the United States as a navigational aid. At night they may have a green light. Green buoys should be kept on the left side when returning from a larger body of water to a smaller one. ~s mark the other side of the channel.

Can: A type of navigational buoy often a vertical drum, but if not, always square in silhouette colored either green or black. In channel marking its use is opposite that of a "~".

A navigational aid visible during the day. In the United States and Canada, square red daybeacons should be kept on the right and triangular green daybeacons should be kept on the left when returning from a larger to smaller body of water. Also see can and ~s.
daysailer ...

~- shaped like a rocket's nose cone.
NMMA - National Marine Manufacturers Association
Petcock - often used to describe the sea water drain valves
an inboard motor
Porpoise (porpoising) the rhythmic bouncing of the nose of a
planing boat, often caused by over-trim or hull irregularities ...

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