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Planing hull

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PLANING HULL: A type of hull shaped to glide easily across the water at high speed.
PORT: The left hand side of the boat when you are looking forward.
PORT TACK: Wind across the port side.
POWER BOAT: A boat propelled by mechanical means.

Planing hulls are flat-bottomed and skim across the water.
Displacement hulls have round bottoms and plow through the water. They are more stable but not as fast as planing hull boats.

planing hull
A boat hull designed to ride on top of the water rather than plowing through it.
pleasure boating
Recreational day boating in runabouts, deck boats, pontoon boats, bowriders and sportboats.

Planing Hull - A type of hull shaped to glide easily across the water at high speed.
Plimsol Line - The mark on the hull of a ship that shows where the waterline is when the boat is at full capacity. ...

planing hull - A hull specifically designed to reduce friction and increase speed.
planking - The wooden boards that made up the surface of the ship's deck.

A hull design that is capable of planing.
Planing speed
The speed needed for a boat to begin planing.

How ~s Operate
(See diagram above)
Displacement Mode: A ~, when operated at very slow speeds, will cut through the water like a displacement hull.

~ - A type of hull shaped to glide easily across the water at high speed.
PORT - The left side of a boat looking forward. A harbor.
PRIVILEGED VESSEL - A vessel which, according to the applicable Navigation Rule, has right-of-way (this term has been superseded by the term "stand-on").

~ - A type of hull shaped to skim easily across the water at high speed.
Point (compass) - Eleven and a quarter degrees. The compass was traditionally divided into 32 divisions of the 360 card.
Points of sailing - the various angles that the boat sails on relative to the apparent wind ...

As usual, ~ power boats suffer wind effects more than others, but I have also seen exactly this docking defeat moderately experienced skippers in displacement hull boats (even full-keeled sailboats).

(12" dia., 15" pitch, left hand rotation, 1" shaft) ~ A hull that lifts and skims the surface of the water causing the stern wake to break clean from the transom. In practical terms, a ~ has a speed potential limited only by weight and power.

~. A hull which can get up on a plane; as in: Most cruising sailboats do not have a ~.
plot. Drawing a boat's course on a nautical chart; as in: We plot our course before we set out.
plow anchor.

~ -A type of hull shaped to glide easily across the water at high speed.
Preventer- line and/or tackle which limits the movement of the boom, usually for the purpose of preventing accidents or-An extra rope, to assist another- ...

~: A hull built in a way to support gliding at high speeds
Plotter: A nautical tool to plot a course on a map or grid of latitudes and longitudes
Port: Left to the vessel; a harbor
Privileged vessel: The vessel with the right-of-way according to nautical rules ...

~ boats ride on top of the water, climbing over their own bow wave created by a limited displacement capability.

A boat that has foils under its hull onto which it rises to plane across the water surface at high speed. See displacement and ~s.
The study of the earth's waters.

on the water are vessels, including displacement craft (those that "float" or are supported by the static buoyancy derived fro the water that their hulls displace), non-displacement craft (those that are supported by the dynamic lift of hydrofoils or other lifting surfaces, such as ~s), ...

A type of hull that only floats, even when in motion, as opposed to a type of hull that allows a boat to skim across the surface of the water. See ~.
displacement speed ...

displacement hullA hull shape designed to run through water rather than on top of it in the manner of a ~. downriggerA gunwale-mounted weighted line device used for deep-water trolling. draftVertical distance a boat penetrates the water. drogueA parachute-like sea anchor.

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