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To a shipwright, speaking of timber, means no
more than the dimensions to which it is to be cut or shaped. If you say,
‘Let's look at her scantlings', you are going to assess the stoutness of her
timbers, carlins, floors and so forth.

scantlings - The dimensions of all kinds of timber used in the construction of a vessel.

SCANTLINGS : A term applied to the dimensions of the frames, girders, plating, etc., that enter into a ship's structure.
SCARF : An end connection made between two pieces of material by tapering them so that they will fit together in a joint of the same breadth and depth as the pieces.

SCANTLINGS The width and thickness of timbers use to form any structural parts of a vessel.
SCHOONER A two masted sailing boat where the main mast is the rearmost.
SCOPE The ratio of the depth of water to the length of anchor rode which needs to be used.

The dimensions of ships structural members, e.g. frame or beam.
Scudding ...

The ~ or plate thicknesses are usually given in the order bottom/side/cabin thickness and are in millimeters. A good modern boat would be 10/6/4 mm.

~ The dimensions of a building material, especially the width and thickness of a timber. The dimensions of the structural parts of a vessel. SCHOONER RIG See SAILBOAT RIGS. SHAFT HORSEPOWER (SHP) A theoretical measurement of horsepower at the propeller.

Where grounding is possible, this type of keel is suitable with its massive ~, but there is always a problem of the increased draft with no additional cargo capacity.

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