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The transom is the surface that forms the stern of a boat.

TRANSOM: The stern cross-section of a square sterned boat.
TRIM: Fore and aft balance of a boat through good adjustment of the sails.
TRIMARAN: A boat with three hulls.

Transoms - These timbers extend across the low parts of the hull near the rudder, and are secured (either notched and/or bolted) to the sternpost.

Transom- the transverse part of the stern (where an outboard motor is attached).
Waterline- the intersection of a boat’s hull and the water’s surface.
USCG- United States Coast Guard ...

TRANSOM- flat part of the stern
WAKE- a wave or rippling of water caused by a boat's passge as it travels through the water.

transom flaps
Flaps in the transom that allow water to run off the boat
transom ...

The aft side of the hull.
A bar with an attached block, allowing more controlled adjustment of sail trim.

Transom: The transverse, roughly vertical, panel forming the after end of a boat's hull. Double-enders like canoes and peapods have no transom.

The "Transom" is the flat side of the hull at the stern of the vessel. If the stern is pointed like the bow then it has no transom and is referred to as a double-ender or canoe stern.

a slide which travels on a track and is used for altering sheet angles.

Transom- The flat area of the hull, at the stern of a boat.
Trim- To adjust a sail by using the sheets to proper relationship with the wind.
Turnbuckle- A device for adjusting the tension on the shrouds and stays.

Transom: The flat rear end of a boat, the upper part of which tends to lean forward on modern racers.
Trim: To adjust the sail to make it the right shape and angle to the wind.

The flat, vertical hull section that extends across the stern.
Traveler strap ...

Transom: The flat area across the stern of the boat.
Trim: To trim or adjust the sail to make it more effective against the wind.
True wind: The actual wind felt wind the boat is not moving.

The rear section of the hull connecting the two sides.
transom shower
A plastic hose and shower head located near the transom that draws from a fresh water supply.

transom - The flat, or sometimes curved terminating structure of the hull at the stern of a vessel. The frame at the sternpost of a vessel.

a device that the mainsheet may be attached to which allows its position to be adjusted ...

A large piece of timber fastened to the stern-posts, to the ends of which the afterpart of the bends are fastened.
Traverse ...

TRANSOM - On a pontoon boat, the transom is the structure that the outboard engine is attached to.
TRIM - Fore and aft balance of a pontoon boat.
U ...

triple-expansion steam engine
An engine with three steam cylinders of different diameters. Steam passes from a small-diameter high-pressure cylinder to an intermediate cylinder to a large-diameter low-pressure cylinder.

Transom - Most stern portion of the hull
Transom - The outside flat part of a boat's stern
Trigger - The electronic switch that replaced points, often refereed to as a Trigger assembly ...

Flat surface of a boat's stern
The flat, or sometimes curved terminating structure of the hull at the stern of a boat.

TRANSOM The aft end of the boat.
TRAVELER A track or rod with allows for adjustable positioning of the position of a block or sheet-lead.

The transom is hinged providing access to the 39's swim step and boarding ladder, and chainplates are inboard permitting tighter sheeting angles for the headsail, ...

The transom should not be cut down for the engine. If it is, then an engine well must be present. This prevents the boat from flooding from a low wave over the transom.

Once your transom is close enough to the dock, have your stern crew either jump on the dock with one of the stern lines, or throw the lines to some help on the dock. Immediately stop the boat. Adjust the length of your lines.

BEAM, TRANSOM A strong deck beam situated in the after end of the vessel connected at each end to the transom frame. The cant beams which support the deck plating in the overhang of the stern are attached to and radiate from it.

Transom: The surface that makes the stern of a boat
Transom flaps: Flaps in the transom that allow water to run off the boat
Trapeze: A device mostly used in racing dinghies to allow the crew to lean out further without falling overboard ...

The sides of a vessel between the waterline and the deck; sometimes referring to onto or above the deck.
The stern cross-section of a square sterned boat.
Fore and aft balance of a boat.

Transom (Transsummer) - One of the principal transverse timbers of the stern, bolted to the sternpost and giving shape to the stern structure.
Traveler - An iron encircling a rope, bar, spar, or the like, and sliding thereon.

Transom: - the planking that forms the stern and closes off the sides.
Traveler - a device that the mainsheet may be attached to which allows its position to be adjusted
Trim - to adjust the sails, also the position of the sails ...

Boomkin (bumpkin) Short spar extending aft from the transom. Used to anchor the backstay or the sheets from the mizzen on a yawl or ketch.
Boot Top A painted stripe that indicates the waterline.

This represents the end of the stem, or the last station from the transom. FORETRIANGLE The area forward of the forward mast in which sails can be set. A sail that fills that area. FRAMES Athartship members (ribs) of the hull framework.

Gimbal housing- supporting part of the sterndrive, bolted to the transom
Gimbal ring - part of the sterndrive that looks like a horse collar
and supports the sterndrive and allows it to swivel
Ground Tackle - gear used for anchoring.

Bailers - Openings in the bottom or transom of a boat to drain water when sailing.
Balance - The degree to which all the forces on a boat are symmetrical so the vessel sails with just a slight weather helm.

transducerAn electronic sensing device mounted in a boat's bilge or at the bottom of the transom to provide data for a depth sounder. transomThe rear section of the hull connecting the two sides.

I/O (Inboard/outboard)- A propulsion system that uses an inboard motor, mounted at the transom, with a propeller assembly, similar to the bottom of an outboard, mounted on the outside of the transom, ...

The vertical piece, the transom, slides along the staff so that the star can be sighted over the upper edge of the transom while the horizon is aligned with the bottom edge.

Certain basic boating terms apply specifically to boats equipped with one or more engines-whether inboard (mounted within the hull), outboard (mounted on the transom and detachable), or the combination inboard-outboard (1/0) type.

The transom is usually squared off and has less freeboard than the bow. In a current, the force of the water can pull the stern under. The boat is also vulnerable to swamping by wave action.

outboard bracket
Support device for mounting outboard engines that extends aft of the transom.
outboard motor
Internal combustion engine mounted at the transom that incorporates motor, driveshaft and propeller.

Davits are a pair of small cranes affixed to the transom (upright part of the back end of your boat) which are used to lift your dinghy and suspend it over the water while underway (moving).

3 Sculling notch cut on centre line of the crown of transom
4 HMS Victory yawl fairleads
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An aerodynamic surface mounted vertically on the superstructure, near the transom, to improve directional stability; sometimes called the air rudder.
Tallow Dip
Candle that burns grease.

Stern: The back part of the boat, also called the 'after'. The transom is the flat end of the stern. The stern quarters are the back corners of the boat.

How your boat handles and its speed depends in part on the chine - the part of the boat below the waterline - and the shape of the stern or transom. If the chine is rounded, it is a soft chine; if it squared off, it is a hard chine.
Stern ...

Select a trailer that will structurally support your boat and evenly distribute the weight of the hull, engine (transom) and equipment. It should be long enough to support the length of the boat and have the proper weight capacity.

transverse timbers attached to ship's sternpost
long wooden pin used to fix planks of ship to the timbers
to haul in and lash secure a sail with a small rope
wooden shipbuilding peg used for fastening timbers ...

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